FlightSimLabs Updates A32X Family

Fslabs Update (5)

FlightSimLabs has released a brand new update for the A320-X, A319-X and the A321-X. Whilst this update doesn’t include the release of the long-awaited sharklets, the new update does pave way for the A320-X and A321-X Sharklets product which is “soon to be released.”

The latest update, version v5.0.1.151, introduces a range of changes to the complete family of aircraft that continues to add to the product. In the post from Lefteris, he first began to talk about input control management. The new update adds logic to enable all Airbus input device controls such as dual sidestick input, dual tiller support and also spoiler, flap and many other controls support for the Thrustmaster TCA Airbus series of hardware. Furthermore, the controls management now also includes a slope and null zone handling as well as axis reversal.

Another major change is the external model. In preparation for the Sharklets model and their wing structure, FlightSimLabs has refined the wing-flex model which is now a lot smoother and behaves better than previously. Another fix is for the external lighting where the beacons and strobes would sometimes freeze depending on dynamic lighting within Prepar3D.

The modelling improvements are also carried over into the Virtual Cockpit where animations were added to the Autopilot Disconnect buttons. Furthermore, dynamic numbers on the speed placards for all variants have been added, which vary depending on the Maximum Takeoff Weight configuration. Those with home cockpits will also be able to take advantage of the new dual controls with the priority logic now being fully incorporated into the product line.

Lefteris goes on further referencing the changelog provided for the new update by adding there have been various FMGC logic improvements. In his post, he talks about several improvements made to the VAPP logic, fuel prediction and a fix for TROPO entry. The team continue to work on some major fixes including some of the shortcomings in the HOLD logic and also adding OFFSETs. He says that they hope to have more news on that in the coming releases.

Other notable changes in this update include changes to the Panel State logic with a new AUTO DETECT state which allows the aircraft to detect where the simulator has been loaded. For example, if you’ve loaded at a gate, the aircraft will load as Cold and Dark, whilst if you’re on the runway, the engine will be running. Other improvements can be found in the failure system, a fix to the AIRAC cycle and also the fact that D-ATIS will now check and pull data from FAA sources as well. For those that fly online with VATSIM will also be pleased to hear that the AOC logic follows the new VATSIM protocols and some connectivity issues have also been fixed.

The full changelog can be found below.

As said, this update paves way for the upcoming Sharklets release from FlightSimLabs, which is soon to be released.

To download the new updates for the aircraft family, you can simply head to the redownload section and grab them.



Beyond the Airbus updates, Lefteris says that work on the Concorde-X continues, however, some expectations were made clear. With the ever-changing world, the release schedule has changed from a “will” release in 2021 to a “may” release in 2021. Lefteris explains that “life in general sometimes might not agree fully with our planning strategy, just so that expectations are not set in a way that people become upset and disappointed.” However, he wanted to reassure people that “our priorities have not changed and we’re still working very hard towards its release.”

Changelog for A32X Family

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FlightSimLabs Teases Concorde With New Render

Fslabs Concorde Tease
FlightSimLabs, mostly known for their Airbus series of aircraft on FSX/P3D, has today shared a new teaser render for Concorde. FlightSimLabs already had a Concorde in their catalogue of products, but is no longer available due to it no longer being supported. However, a while back, FlightSimLabs did ask the community if a new version of Concorde would be of
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FlightSimLabs A320-X / A321-X Update Released

Lefteris of FlightSimLabs has today announced the release of v5.0.1.103 for the A320-X and the A321-X. Both of the downloads are ready to obtain through the redownload portal from their website. This release of the A321-X provides support for Prepar3D v5, along with numerous improvements and updates. As with the release of the A320-X for Prepar3D, the A321-X brings with it
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FlightSimLabs A320-X Previews in Prepar3D v5, New Details

Fslabs A320 X P3dv5 (2)
Whilst many await for FlightSimLabs to release their A320-X update (along with their other aircraft), testers have had their NDA lifted to now showcase the aircraft from within Prepar3D v5. Whilst the NDA for the Sharklets hasn't yet been lifted, a minor (but neat) feature was shared by Lefteris and Andy from the FlightSimLabs team. As part of the upcoming
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FlightSimLabs A320-X Prepar3D Hotfix Update

FSL 5.jpg.42db18c8b965df5cf5aa893bf2c50bf9
As announced a few days ago, FlightSimLabs has updated their A320-X family product line to be compatible with Prepar3D v4.5 hotfix 3. The update goes by version number v2.0.2.450. It does not contain any new features, nor does it add compatibility for Prepar3D v5. To read more information about the update, as well as FlightSimLabs' statement on Prepar3D v5 and
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FlightSimLabs Prepar3D v5 Compatibility, A320-X Sharklets and More

FSL 3.jpg.ae4901f8e33d0300aa4db78540311577

In a forum post, Lefteris Kalamaras has given an extensive update regarding the A320-X series in Prepar3D v5 and compatibility, the Prepar3D v4.5 HF3 and excitingly, the A320-X Sharklets.

First up, with the release of a new hotfix for Prepar3D v4.5, FlightSimLabs will release a small update that will add compatibility with the latest hotfix. This release will not any new features. It will soon be beta tested by the team and once ready, will be released to the public.

Moving onto Prepar3D v5 compatibility, Lefteris touched on the fact that there has been a lot of underlying changes with the engine’s code with particular note of the move to DirectX 12. The team are testing the product line right now with the aim to update soon. Related to Prepar3D v5, it is confirmed that there will be no upgrade fees, but asked the community to note this is not an easy or simple task and will require some time. Lefteris also said that simply moving and copying files over will not work in Prepar3D v5, nor would FlightSimLabs support anyone who chooses to try this.

Alongside the updates to Prepar3D v5, Lefteris also confirmed that a huge range of changes to the A320-X series will also be coming soon.

In particular, the A320-X will see the brand new S8 software updates to the FMGS, which includes updated FIX INFO pages and also MDA/DH replaced with BARO/RADIO. Furthermore, CPDLC systems will be included and PBR textures for the IAE and CFM models.

  • Added S8 software updates to the FMGS
    • MDA/DH replaced with BARO/RADIO
    • UPDATE AT deprecated
    • IRS INIT page updated
    • FIX INFO pages updated
    • DMC updates for Profile/VDEV and approach identifiers
    • Flight Guidance NPA logic revised
  • Added CPDLC systems
  • Added DCDU displays
  • All new PBR textures on the external IAE and CFM models

The A321-X is then expected to see an update shortly afterwards, with the S8 update and also some PBR enhancements. Similarly, the A319-X will also see an update to bring the aircraft to the same standard.

Following on from the Winglets updates, a new package for the A320-X series will then be released. The “Sharklets” addon for their Airbus A32X series will release with both the A320-X SL and A321-X SL and both engine variants. This update will be available as a separate purchase on the FSLabs store. The update will not only update the visual model, but will also add the relevant flight characteristics. A list of the major differences was shared. Interestingly, an EFB has also been confirmed to be included and is also previewed.

  • Electronic Flight Control System
    • Load Alleviation Function (LAF)
    • Aileron Anti-droop system
  • FMGS S8 version update (as above)
  • Fuel System:
    • New fuel system supporting center tank jet pumps
    • Updated FQIC and FLSCU logic
  • Updated FWC to latest software standards
  • Updated SDAC to latest software standards
  • New ISIS model
  • New DU LCD colorset for better contrast
  • DDRMI now optional
  • SATCOM Radome now optional
  • iPad-style Electronic Flight Bag now optional
  • Lighting:
    • All lights are now LED
    • Each LED light has accurate warm up / cool down times (exclusive FSL feature through FSLSpotlights technology)
    • Anti-strobe blocker option to prevent cockpit glare
  • Oh, and did I mention the sharklets added to the wings? 🙂 Fun aside, the external model features many differences – some subtle, some not so much, like the upper wing to body belly fairing…

That wraps up his extensive forum post. You can read the original post on the FSLabs forums.

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FlightSimLabs Releases A321-X

FSL A321 X Promo
After many years of development, FlightSimLabs has released their long-awaited A321-X. The A321 is the largest of the A320 family of aircraft with an increase in MTOW, extended-range (thanks to the ability to add additional fuel tanks), but all with the familiarity of the Airbus A320 cockpit layout. A popular choice amongst airliners due to its versatility, seating capacity and
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FlightSimLabs V2.0.2.434 Available for the A320-X and A319-X

2019 10 12 19 16 16 974
FlightSimLabs has released a new update (V2.0.2.434) for their A320-X and A319-X aircraft. As described on the forums, the update brings various fixes to numerous items along with product improvements. I'm sure most of you will also be excited to hear that this update paves way for the upcoming release of the A321-X. The biggest new feature included within this update
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FlightSimLabs A321-X Trailer

FSL A321 X Promo
The FlightSimLabs A321-X trailer has just been released on YouTube. The 3-minute 42-second trailer gives us plenty to look at from the external modelling to the new features found inside the cockpit. As we mentioned before, in our exclusive previews, the aircraft will feature an integrated CPDLC system, two DCDU models and additional fuel tanks for those longer-range routes. Along with the
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FlightSimLabs Releases A320-X / A319-X – Update v2.0.2.420

2019 5 11 15 52 36 640
Aircraft developer FlightSimLabs has today released a new update for their A320-X and A319-X series of aircraft. The new update, version 20.2.420 focuses on bug fixing since the previous release along with new logic for vPilot sound volume controls, a fix for Simbrief OFP parsing and also improvements to the green dot speed. Other improvements in this update also include
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