FlightFactor Updates A320 Ultimate to Version 1.0.7

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FlightFactor has pushed out another update to their advanced series A320 Ultimate aircraft bringing it to version 1.0.7. This update comes and brings a cumulative version with fixes from beta versions 1.0.2 to 1.0.6.

The team is currently working on the aircraft and getting it prepared to handle the new X-Plane rendering system, Vulkan. FlightFactor has advised users that the Vulkan version of the aircraft will be coming out when X-Plane 11.50 leaves beta and is final and issues may arise with the aircraft in the beta.

A full changelog was also posted on the X-Plane forums and below is the full list of changes included with version 1.0.7:

  • Inoperable EFB in some cases
  • Different multi-monitor panels and render issues
  • Rudder trim stuck after -20deg
  • Render in OGL mode on X-Plane 11.50
  • AMU CAB light flash
  • ISIS position saving
  • Hiding panels by click on 2D and 3D cockpit panels
  • Increased takeoff and taxi lights intensity
  • APU start in flight after dual engine failure
  • Saving standard and popout panels configuration
  • Panels resizeing
  • Possible windows positioning out of visible area
  • Multi-monitor support for different cockpit interaction modes
  • Keyboard input into EFB in 2D window mode
  • Auto CabinReady set in the begining of running before takeoff
  • Multi-monitor configurations support
  • Windows resize in pop-out mode
  • Applying X-Plane UI scaling for new windows

To check out more details on the FlightFactor A320 Ultimate, the update and view the full changelog, you can head over to the X-Plane forums and join the ongoing discussion about the aircraft.

You can pick up the FlightFactor A320 Ultimate from the store for $79.95 USD.

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FlightFactor Further Previews A350 Update

A350 16
FlightFactor has previewed more screenshots of their A350 update for X-Plane on their Facebook page. The developer announced recently they're about to release the long-awaited version 1 update, which mainly focusses on the ability to use SIDs/STARs and more important improvements to the FMGS. The screenshots reveal a more detailed look at the flight computer after the update. The post
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FlightFactor issues update for 757/767

767 200ER Xp11 23.jpg.cde02eeb5a0ecf0484f3906fe8274f28
Via Twitter, FlightFactor has announced that they have updated their Boeing 757 and 767 series of aircraft for X-Plane. The aircraft developer has updated their Boeing fleet with similar improvements which mean both aircraft are now compatible with the Vulkan API changes made by Laminar Research to X-Plane 11. Although both aircraft have received a similar update to include added VHF
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FlightFactor Releases Airport Visual System V2

FF AVS 2 01
FlightFactor has announced the release of version 2 of their Airport Visual System for X-Plane on Facebook. Airbus first developed the Onboard Airport Navigation System, or OANS, for the A380, and started to make the navigation system available on their A330 and A320 families in 2014. This system inspired FlightFactor to create a plugin that helps X-Plane users find their way around the
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FlightFactor Previews A350 Update for X-Plane

Flightfactor A350 Exclusive 4
FlightFactor has previewed system developments as part of the long-awaited A350 update for X-plane. ToLiss teamed up with FlightFactor in late 2017 in order to improve the flight computer, one of the most essential systems on board the Airbus A350. They didn't get around to it until now, but this major update promises to address the most important issues at
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FlightFactor Updates Both Boeing 757 and 767, Free C-32 Variant Included


FlightFactor has updated their Boeing 757 & 767, with the C-32 variant now added to the 757 product for free. The new updates are rather extensive and include many new additions to the pair of aircraft. Some additions include new pop-up/outs for the EICAS and original displays, along with new TO STEP CLIMB and TO E/D lines on the progress page. In addition, engine vibration logic and failures have been added, along with a new AntiAliasing slider to the tablet effects page for usability.

Furthermore, the update brings various improvements such as the step climb calculation, improvements to the IRS position logic, and also fixes to some incorrect text within the cockpit.

As mentioned, this update for the 757 includes the C-32 variant which is used by the US Air Force.

Both the 757 and 767 changelogs are almost identical with the only difference being the 767 doesn’t include the free C-32 variant.

The update can be obtained via the store.

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FlightFactor Releases Public Beta Updates for Both 757 and 767

Developer FlightFactor has taken to Twitter to confirm that two new open beta updates are available for two of their aircraft. Update 2.4.0 is available for the 757, whereas version 1.3.4 is available for the 767. The update for both aircraft features a significant number of changes. For the 757, the C-32 varient has been added to both the Extended
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FlightFactor Updates Boeing 757 and 767 for X-Plane 11

767 F Xp11 112.jpg.f6c7caf88adb3fc1bd23226f0b279e21
On Twitter, FlightFactor posted the release notes for their popular Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 aircraft for X-Plane 11. The current version for the Boeing 757 is V2.3.13 and the Boeing 767 is V1.3.2, both aircraft have similar fixes and updates. Most of the updates for both the 757 and 767 center around cockpit and adjust how various systems and
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FlightFactor Airbus A350 Update Preview

A350 11
FlightFactor has shared some previews of their upcoming Airbus A350 update. The update is said to include support for SID's and STAR's, as well as big graphical changes. The team did not specify what these big graphical changes would include, but did share a number of previews showing the airplane flight deck. The update is being made in cooperation with popular
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FlightFactor 767 Professional FDPS Package Released

Ff 767 Fdps
After a few teases, the team at FlightFactor has released the 767 Professional FDPS (Flat Display Panel Screens) on X-Plane 11. The new extension package adds the IS&S panels which have been designed to retrofit existing 767 and 757 aircraft to give pilots much more detail on their displays. The extension itself is an add-on for users of the Boeing 767
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