Mango Studios Releases FlightFactor 767 Sound Enhancement Pack

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Owners of the FlightFactor 767 can now buy the Mango Studios 767 Sound Enhancement Pack. The new sound pack features a range of custom sound and quality recordings from the real-aircraft to enhance the experience for users.

The new Mango Studios sound pack for the FlightFactor 767 includes custom sounds for within the cockpit. This includes elements such as the batter, avionics, packs and also for the switches, buttons and rotaries. Outside, the package contains custom sound packs for 3 different engine types. This includes the  GE CF-6 General Electric, RB-211 Roll Royce and PW-4000 Pratt & Whitney power plants, all of which include jet blast sound effects. Whilst still outside the aircraft, you will be able to hear the GPU, APU and other elements all custom for the aircraft. Finally, a new custom user interface is included to have more control over the sound pack.

You will need to own the FlightFactor 767 already in order to take advantage of the sound enhancement package. If you do, you can buy the pack now from simMarket for €12.75 (excluding VAT).

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FlightFactor Previews Further 787 Renders

X-Plane aircraft developer, FlightFactor, has taken to twitter to further preview their upcoming 787 project with some in-sim cockpit screenshots. The renders show a near complete, textured cockpit but without any lights, systems or working displays however, they do show PBR texturing and the quality finish that is to be expected from the aircraft developer.  The team have been making
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FlightFactor Previews 787 Pro Animations

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Some brand new previews for the 787 Pro from FlightFactor has been shared via the developer's Twitter account. The short video highlights some of the cockpit interaction and animation elements present in the 787 Pro. Things are still very much a work in progress from the development team. In the video, we see various animations used including down at the
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Single New Preview for FlightFactor 787 Pro on XPL

Flightfactor787 X Plane 1
FlightFactor has been sharing snippets of previews for their upcoming 787 on X-Plane 11 for a little whilst and the team has shared a new preview of the aircraft's texturing. As pictured above, the screenshot shows off the throttle area, including fuel cut off switches, throttle levers and flap controls. It also highlights part of the radio stack and also
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FlightFactor Updates 757 and 767 for XPL

If you own the FlightFactor 757 or the 767, then you'll be pleased to hear there is now an update for both adding new features and fixing various issues reported on by the community. The 757 from FlightFactor is now on version 2.4.7 and sees the TERR OVRD button now being added, along with fixes to the fuel balancing, speed
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FlightFactor Previews 787 Pro Cockpit Textures


X-Plane 11 aircraft developer FlightFactor has shared a handful of new images of their upcoming 787 Pro product for the simulator. The new images highlight the cockpit texture work that has been ongoing since the development was announced back in September.

The new previews were shared on Twitter, with the team simply saying “[s]ome more textures” before then showcasing a range of new textures.

FlightFactor also shared a teaser for their Airport Visual System for the 787 Pro also.


Whilst the product is clearly still in the early stages of development, seemingly think the product will be released in the 2nd half of 2021. That seems quite an ambitious date to be set considering the early previews we’re still seeing, but nonetheless, we’ll keep you posted of any new developments.

Be sure to follow FlightFactor on Twitter to stay up to date.

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FlightFactor Shares New 787 Pro Cockpit Renders

FlightFactor has brought to the forums new renders of the cockpit of their upcoming Boeing 787 Pro. The renders show very detailed modeling of the entire cockpit, but have yet to be displayed with textures and in-sim. The exterior model has not been displayed yet either. The aircraft was announced only a month ago, and scarce information about it
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Mango Studios Releases FlightFactor A350 Sound Enhancement Package

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The FlightFactor A350 has seen numerous updates in the past, but developers Mango Studios felt as though the sounds were lacking and developed their own solution. This is Mango Studios' first product for the X-Plane market and will enhance the original engine, cockpit and environmental sound effects found on the FlightFactor A350. The product, available now, includes a complete rework
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FlightFactor Updates A320 Ultimate

A320 431
FlightFactor has pushed a beta update to their A320 Ultimate for X-Plane. The change log to version 1.1.1 is minor, bringing support for the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition and fixing crashes with older CPUs as well as a few other minor corrections. You can purchase the FlightFactor A320 Ultimate on the X-Plane Store for USD 89.95. Changelog 1.1.1 Thrustmaster 
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FlightFactor Details Future Roadmap

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In a forum post, Roman aka Ramzzess, co-founder of FlightFactor, shared with the community their insights for the future of FlightFactor. As the team considers that their 757, 767 and A350 are now stable and that their A320 will soon be out of Beta, the team now has room left to organize their future developments. Right now, the team
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