Flightbeam / iBlueYonder Portland for MSFS Released

Iblueyonder Portland Airport Msfs (3)

After revealing the airport in production just a few days ago, iBlueYonder, in partnership with Flightbeam, has released Portland Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport scenery takes the international airport and faithfully recreates it into the simulator platform. This is the first iBlueYoner product for the new simulator and brings plenty of acute details into the project whilst taking advantage of the latest features from the simulator.

Portland International Airport (KPDX) is a large hub for Alaska Airlines and also serves plenty of other domestic carriers as well such as Southwest, United and more. The airport itself features 3 runways, plenty of parking and sits right next to an Ikea store which is very visible when on approach.

iBlueYonder has spent time reworking all texturing and materials so that they are fully supportive of the PBR engine within the simulator, along with optimising the modelling to ensure users get the best performance possible from the airport. The product also features native use of the various parts of the Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK and night lighting has also been full reworked to be more realistic and blend in with the simulator itself.

iBlueYonder’s Portland Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator costs $14.99. For those who have purchased the Prepar3D or X-Plane 11 version in the past, you can get 30% off by using the code KPDXMSFS on the Flightbeam website. 

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Flightbeam / iBlueYonder Aiming to Release Portland Airport For MSFS This Weekend

Iblueyonder Portland Airport Msfs (3)
Developer iBlueYonder has been very busy working on their next airport development for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Portland International Airport will be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator (hopefully) this weekend. The news was shared by iBlueYonder on Facebook and included numerous previews of the airport in its current development state. The airport is a partnership between iBlueYonder's Bill Womack and also
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Flightbeam Denver for MSFS Updated to v1.03

Flightbeam Denver Update Msfs 2
Flightbeam released Denver International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator on release day and has since issued a few updates to the product itself. Flightbeam has now released version 1.03 which adds various improvements and changes to the product. The new update focuses on improving the night lighting of the airport, adding red beacons to the top of towers and also
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Flightbeam Releases Denver International Airport for MSFS

Scenery developer Flightbeam has released Denver International Airport (KDEN) for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS). The North-American airport sees numerous airlines for both domestic and international travel. This is Flightbeam's first airport for the new Flight Simulator which includes ultra-realistic terminal textures, PBR materials and volumetric grass throughout. In total, nearly 12,000 acres of custom buildings and textures have been added
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Single Preview of Flightbeam Denver In MSFS

Flightbeam Denver Airport Winter Msfs
Flightbeam was one of the first developers to preview their content coming to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Today, they have shared another preview of Denver Airport (KDEN) but this time with the ground covered in snow. Taking advantage of the snow weather integration with the new simulator, we can see here the ground covered in the white stuff leaving
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[Updated] Flightbeam Announces Denver International for MSFS

FB IMG 1596662191233

Updated 6th August 2020: It is confirmed that Flightbeam will release Denver International Airport on August 18th 2020 to coincide the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator. It was also confirmed that the pricing will be cheaper than the current Prepar3D versions.

Scenery developer Flightbeam has announced that they will be bringing Denver International Airport (KDEN) to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

As with other developers announcing products for the simulator, no other details have yet to be shared. However the previews do give off a lot of visual clues about the quality of the product to expect when it does release for the new platform.

Flightbeam is one of the most prolific scenery developers on Prepar3D and FSX (with the occasional dabble in X-Plane 11) and Denver was one of the most highly regarded of their products. What does remain to be seen is how it will compare to the hand-crafted airports included with the base flight simulator.

Denver is situated in central USA and sees a huge number of international and domestic flights to the city airport.

As always stick with FSElite for more previews from the sim in the coming days and weeks as we gear up for a release.

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Flightbeam, Aeroplane Heaven and More Confirm Microsoft Flight Simulator Development

Flightbeam Developing Microsoft Flight Simualtor
Alongside the likes of Orbx, Gaya Simulations and others, new developers have today confirmed that they are working on products for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. First up is Flightbeam Studios, who is also celebrating their 10th birthday. 10 years ago, Flightbeam began creating San Francisco (Legacy), but today they are confirming they are officially developing for the new Microsoft
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Flightbeam Studios Previews Toulouse-Blagnac

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It has been more than a year since we had significant news regarding the upcoming Flightbeam Toulouse-Blagnac Airport (LFBO). The team has shared on their Facebook page rendition of the Airbus factory areas of the airport, as well as overviews of the ATC area and the Air France Industries building. Toulouse-Blagnac Airport is the home of the final assembly line
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Flightbeam Previews Both Auckland (NZAA) and Toulouse (LFBO)

Auckland International Airport Nzaa Flightbeam P3d
Scenery developer Flightbeam has been quietly working away on new scenery for Prepar3D, both of which have been previously announced. These airports on display are of course Auckland (NZAA) and Toulouse (LFBO). Auckland International Airport is being developed by lead developer Mir from Flightbeam, with LFBO-HD - Toulouse being developed Thomas at Jetstream Designs. Auckland International Airport (NZAA) Both previews offer a
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