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Ultimate Traffic Live Updated to Version

The team at Flight1 has released a new update for their Ultimate Traffic Live. The soft-launch software is now at version and has addressed multiple issues. The P3D Crash bug has now been fixed and the developers are promising that the software is a lot more stable than before. Furthermore, they confirmed that the traffic resets are now nearly
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Ideal Flight 10 Pro Released for P3D V4

With all these absolutely stunning scenery add-ons in the virtual world of our sim platforms it might be difficult to decide where to fly next. Maybe you start to get tired of having to sort that out yourself or maybe want to try something new instead of your usual boring flights with no challenges. Well Ideal Flight 10 Pro has
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Flight 1 GNS530: The FSElite Review

The Flight 1 GNS530 had to by far be one of the hardest products to review I have ever seen. It's not perfect no. But any problem I could find with it could be excused by simply saying “That's how the real thing works.” Normally that's a terrible excuse! But this time, given the way this particular addon works; Well it's a
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Ultimate Traffic Live The FSElite First Look

Ultimate Traffic Live: The FSElite First Look (Video)

A few weeks ago, Flight1 released their 'soft' version of their latest traffic tool, Ultimate Traffic Live. We recently posted our first impressions on the product and since then Youtube partner Aus Flight Simmer has taken another look at the product and produced yet another high quality video. You can view it above. If you'd prefer, read our written impressions
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Ultimate Traffic Live Previews

Over on the Flight1 forums, some previews for the upcoming Ultimate Traffic Live was shown off. Complete with a brand new interface a new traffic engine and fully compatible with Prepar3d v2 / v3 (as well as FSX). As you can see from the previews, there's plenty of statistics to be viewed including the breakdown of domestic and international routes,
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