FlightSimLabs A321-X: The FSElite First Look

I have used other aircraft comparable to the FlightSimLabs A321-X, but no other developer has even come close as what FlightSimLabs does with this Airbus aircraft. I have used other aircraft within the same price range, a number of them I might add, and none of them immerses me in the cockpit with the same quality sounds, visuals and system depth that FlightSimLabs has produced with their A321-X.

Join me in this FSElite First Look as I take you through some of these immersive moments.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Update 19-Dec-2019

MSFS Screenshots 19 Dec (3)
Microsoft has issued its final blog update for Microsoft Flight Simulator of the year. The new update, whilst brief, did give a nice shout out to those currently in the Test Alpha 1 by sharing some of their incredible looking screenshots. Further to that, a brief update on the developer's SDK and a feedback snapshot was also shared. To start,
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