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Flight Velocity

Orbx Announces Partnership with Flight Velocity

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Orbx has confirmed that they have partnered with Flight Velocity on a brand new undisclosed project, which will be announced officially at FlightSimExpo this coming June. The project will be officially announced and presented at 16:45 (EST) on June 8th 2019 in the Right Seat seminar room at FlightSimExpo.

We are incredibly excited to be working with Tiger Summers and his team at Flight Velocity”, said John Venema (CEO, Orbx) “I’ve been a big fan of their products for quite some time – for Orbx, this is a new direction for us and our customers. Joining forces has been a great experience so far, and we are looking forward to sharing the fruits of our labor with the flight simulation community very soon

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Orbx”, added Tiger Summers (CEO, Flight Velocity) “John Venema and his team have a long track record of producing amazing products and we’re very excited to be contributing to this success.

For those who don’t know, Flight Velocity is a company who specialises in creating affordable Avionics panels for X-Plane, P3D and FSX. We’re also fans of Flight Velocity after we reviewed their flight panels last year.

You can be there in person to watch the official announcement if you’re attending the show. If you haven’t purchased tickets, you can do so by heading to FlightSimExpo’s website to register. Weekend tickets now cost $80 – cheaper than if you buy them on the door.

You can view the original press release on the Orbx forums.

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