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Microsoft Flight Simulator: The FSElite Review

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FSElite's preferred Flight Sim vendor is SimMarket. (Why?)

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In all my current time with flight simulation, and in particular, being within the media side of things, I had never thought I would be writing a review for a new Microsoft Flight Simulator platform. The series that was left behind when the Aces team was closed down seemingly held on to life for years thanks to a huge amount of developer support and community members still finding new tricks and techniques to gain better performance. As we saw better hardware, we too also saw more immersive add-ons. Other simulators came along and the community continued to thrive and grow. The elephant in the room, however, was always the lack of support.

With previous iterations of Flight Simulator, we saw updates and changes that would be an evolution of a previous feature. However, this new simulator, simply named as ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’, (notice the lack of year compared to previous releases) entered development back in 2017 in a world where online data is used almost everywhere. Furthermore, technology, computing power and advanced tech such as AI are more advanced than ever meaning Microsoft could finally realise its ambition on creating an authentic world.

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[Updated] Microsoft Flight Simulator Physical Editions Open for Pre-Order (European Only)

01 Microsoft Flight Simulator Premium Deluxe (1)
This post was originally published on July 14th, but has been updated with new information. As announced yesterday, Microsoft Flight Simulator will also be made available as a physical edition. The physical copy will feature everything included in the digital copy (along with the ability to live stream data), but the base installation will come neatly packaged on numerous discs
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Pre-Order Launch Trailer

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pre Order Launch Trailer
A new pre-order trailer for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator has been shared. The video highlights numerous aspects of the simulator including the variety of aircraft, airports and types of flying you can do in this brand new world. The video takes us on a global tour of the world including parts of Rio de Janeiro, New York and Dubai. 
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Confirmed List of all Aircraft Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator All Confirmed Aircraft

As part of Microsoft’s announcement earlier today, a full list of aircraft was shared telling us exactly which aircraft will be released with Microsoft Flight Simulator when it releases this summer.

You will be able to traverse the world in a large number of aircraft. From big jets to the likes of the Boeing 747-8i to smaller acrobatic aircraft like the EXTRA 330LT, there is a huge choice for you to choose from. Down below is the full list of all 30 confirmed aircraft to release on launch day, including which edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator you will be able to find them in.

If more aircraft gets announced, we’ll update this article.

Last Updated 13th July 2020.

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FSElite Video: Overview of Microsoft Flight Simulator Multiplayer “One Shared World”

Microsoft Flight Simulator Multiplayer One Shared World
The latest Microsoft Flight Simulator introduced us to the all-new "One Shared World" where you can fly with anyone anywhere in the world. Simply connect to a massive online space and fly in real-time using real-world weather, aircraft and more. Microsoft also gave us brand new information about live AI traffic injected from real-world data sources and how technology will
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Update – March 12th

Microsoft Flight Sim Update 3 12 (2)
Microsoft has published a new weekly update on their blog site, with new information on the Feature Discovery Series, Alpha Builds, SDK, and more. Feature Discovery Series Starting off with the Feature Discovery Series, last week, we were told that the team was still on track to get Episode 8 out today, but that is unfortunately not the case. Episode
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Update – February 20th, 2020

Feature Discovery Series Episode 6 Airports
Microsoft has released a new update on their blog website, with new updates on the Feature Discovery Series, Development Roadmap, and more. Feature Discovery Series Starting with the biggest news, Episode 6 has been released. Episode 6 covers Airports. Some of the highlights from the video are that there are over 37,000 airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator that have been
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