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Microsoft Flight Simulator February 13th Update – Development Roadmap and More

Microsoft Flight Simulator Feb 13 Update (2)

As promised, the new update from Microsoft regarding the new Flight Simulator has dropped today. Whilst it didn’t bring a huge amount of news, it did provide a few updates regarding the release of future Feature Discovery Series videos.

Episode 6 (Airports) will release next week on February 20th, and will provide an in-depth look at the airport the team are building for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Following on from that, Episode 7 will focus all on IFR flying and will release on March 5th 2020.

New Alpha invitations are also being sent out to those that signed up. They will be sent from today onwards until next Tuesday (Feb 18th). If you’re a developer awaiting an SDK, then the team has said that they are slowly rolling that out to people over the coming weeks. So far 30 development partners have access to the SDK and that the feedback from them has been fantastic so far.

On the Insider section, Microsoft also shared the current Development Roadmap, along with a new feedback snapshot from the current alpha testing. One of the more exciting insights we have is that come late March, we will see a focus video looking at multiplayer. Microsoft also are aware of the feedback including when will we see 3rd party information, along with continuing to acknowledge VR and damage modelling.

Finally, the post ended with a range of previews all taken by Alpha testers.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator “Let It Snow” Trailer

Chrome 2020 01 01 19 45 46
An all-new trailer for Microsoft's upcoming Flight Simulator has been released entitled "Let It Snow!" The trailer, in clear reference to the huge community feedback over the past few months, indicates that a form of seasonality will indeed come with the new flight simulator. The trailer opens with the typical imagery we've seen over the past few months, before a
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Blog Update 12-Dec-2019

GC Mountains
Microsoft has updated its Flight Simulator blog with some brand new media and also some additional information on their Partnership Announcement Series. Furthermore, a new insiders roadmap was shared, which includes additional Discovery Series information.  Starting with the new information from the Partnership Announcement Series, this time, Microsoft spoke to a pilot at Cubcrafters to talk about the XCub. Sebastian, CEO
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Feature Discovery Series Episode 3: Aerodynamics

Feature Discovery Series Episode 3 Aerodynamics
As part of Microsoft's continued deployment of information via their social channels and blog, the team has released the third episode in their Feature Discovery series. This time, CEO of Asobo Studios, Sebastian Wloch, talks in-depth about the aerodynamics of the new simulator. The 12-minute video, which features fresh, never before seen footage, goes into a lot of details about
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All-New Footage from Microsoft Flight Simulator [X019]

NEW 4K Microsoft Flight Simulator X019 Footage 60FPS
FSElite was invited to attend Xbox X019 in London this weekend, where we had the chance to go hands-on with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Along with our incredible hands-on with the new simulator, we were also supplied with great new 4K footage, all captured at 60FPS. The footage was captured and takes you around Europe to various destinations. Locations include
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Microsoft Flight Simulator – 747-8 Included & New Trailer

Chrome 2019 11 14 21 01 16

Microsoft today held their first day of X019 in London, UK, and the Microsoft Flight Simulator team were there showcasing the simulator for the first time to members of the public. FSElite is on the ground at X019 gathering information from the developers and the simulator.

An all-new trailer was also shared for the new simulator, which confirms that jets will be included in the base simulator upon release. It is also the first time we have seen the Boeing 747-8 included. The trailer also shared a range of shots with new views. The Airbus A320 neo the Icon A5 and much more was shown off. You can watch the trailer about 55 minutes into their X019 event (it started at 20:00z).

Update: Here’s the trailer itself:

When speaking to the team, they also confirmed that they are working with aircraft manufacturers including Boeing, Airbus and many more. This is just the start of companies they’re working with and plan to continue adding to their portfolio.

For those who were invited to the Tech Alpha test 1, it will be released as soon as possible. Microsoft is working on some formalities and once it’s ready, it will be shared. They have asked that those who are going to help test provides continuous feedback to help shape the future of the simulator.

Whilst also at X019, we can confirm that the Honeycomb Alpha Flight Control Yoke is going to be compatible with the new sim.

We are currently working on editing some brand new content for you all, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get fresh interviews and all-new footage.

More news as it comes from FSElite.

FSElite @ X019 is made possible thanks to Orbx.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2020) – September 26th Update: Feature Discovery Series Preview

Chrome 2019 09 26 21 44 39
Microsoft continue to deliver on their regular Thursday updates (and earlier than usual, too) with a new update via their Microsoft Flight Simulator blog. The new update was brief and focused on introducing the new discovery series, which will focus on various elements that all community members are desperate to know more about. The blog also shared an updated time
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Flight Simulator Show Presentation Lineup Announced

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With a month to go until Flight Simulator Show 2019 takes place in Cosford, the show's organisers have finally shared the presentation lineup. A very welcome overview for those that are still deciding on coming. The show is held over two days, with plenty of presentations to be looking forward to on both days. On Saturday, Magknight will kick the
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FlyInside Flight Simulator Updated To v0.3.7.0

Announced over on their Facebook page, the team at FlyInside have released an update for their still-in-development virtual-reality focused flight simulator. The changelog for version includes several bug fixes, realism adjustments and axis and key binding additions. You can view the full changelog at the end of this article or on the FlyInside website. To find out more about FlyInside Flight Simulator,
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