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Flight Sim World

Flight Sim World Free Mission Packs

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With the upcoming closure of Flight Sim World on May 24th, developer Dovetail Games has made the announcement that the mission packs they had created for FSW so far, will now be available for free. There are a total of three mission packs, respectively named ‘Epic Approaches’, ‘The Last Frontier’ and the ‘Spanish Job’. The mission packs can be downloaded from the Flight Sim World Steam Store page.

It’s good to add that not only these mission packs are now available for free, there are also a lot of price drops from other developers active until the product will be closed on aforementioned date. Flight Sim World and purchased addons will remain in your Steam Library, but you will not be able to purchase the sim or new addons any longer after then.

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Dovetail Games Discontinues Flight Sim World

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Dovetail Games has made a shocking announcement to discontinue their Flight Sim World product, with the intention to withdraw it from sale as of May 24th. Flight Sim World stemmed from Dovetails agreement to purchase some of the rights to Microsoft's Flight Simulator X product back in 2014 after FSX itself was discontinued and the Microsoft Flight Simulator product team
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Flight Sim World Introduces Career Beta

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Developer Dovetail Games has introduced a new beta branch for Flight Sim World that will test out the initial steps towards a career mode. In a post on their page, the developer said that career mode isn’t a full-fledged feature as of yet, but the foundation is being laid for future work, along with getting IFR functionality and the first
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FSW Dynamic Weather Update Now Available

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It has been less than a day since we reported that Dovetail's dynamic weather update was coming with its  highly anticipated features, and now it has ,at long last, been released! I'll skip the rundown of all the update brings to the table, which you can read here, and just get to the relevant information pertaining to this release. The
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Dovetail Games Release SDK for Flight Sim World

FSW Image3.jpg1
For all of you developers out there - Dovetail Games have released V1.0 of their SDK for FSW. They include all Parts including: Art Authoring Aircraft Scenery Core Simobjects Mission Creation Welcome section with a small explanation This is amazing becasue now any and all devolopers are now free to roam FSW and hopefully start to release some amazing addons
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BlueSkyFS Release Curtiss P-40F Warhawk for FSW

BlueSkyFS has released their P-40F Warhawk for Flight Sim World.

The Curtiss P-40F was made by the United States and had its first flight in 1938 and served as a ground fighter during World War II. It’s the third most-produced American fighter *after the P-51 and P-47*.  The plane hosts an Allison V-1710 engine that cranked out all 1,040 HP *although this was surprisingly not the most powerful plane at the time*. Fun fact about the P-40F, it claimed the first ever recorded air-to-air kill against a German FW190.

BlueSkyFS’ Curtiss P-40F Warhawk boasts the following feature set:

  • A fully-functional clickable cockpit with realistic hydraulic, fuel, electrical systems, and gauges.
  • Six liveries, 5 from authentic World War 2 and modern day, and one fictional livery, each taking unique advantage of trueSKY, PBR 2.0, and the rain system in Flight Sim World.
  • A flight model built to be as realistic in any flight simulator to date, matching old pilots notes and manufacturer charts for performance.
  • Photos of the real cockpit have been scrutinized and recreated in the BlueSky P-40F cockpit environment, really showing off the daytime conditions and night time lighting conditions that real life pilots would have faced during WWII.
  • The unique flap and gear hydraulic system on the P-40F is a handful for pilots flying the air show circuit today. This has been accurately woven into the flight model and systems model of the aircraft in Flight Sim World, while also offering a simpler version for those flying with a keyboard and mouse.

Of course the P-40F is only compatible with Dovetail Games Flight Sim World, and is available from the Dovetail Store for a reduced price of £20.99 ($24.72 USD). So grab your scarf and leather helmet and take to the skies in this classic war fighter! 

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Understanding What Flight Sim World Is and Will Be

Understanding Flight Sim World.fw
Dovetail Games released their fully fledged flight simulator, Flight Sim World, just over a month ago. The announcement trailer highlighted some key aspects of the sim including the rain-windshield effects, the use of third party applications to enhance the sim and of course, being 64-bit ready. The launch of the sim was also before Lockheed Martin finally revealed their entry
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