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iFly 747 updated for Prepar3D V4

Flight One Software have released an update for their iFly 747, which is a highly popular aircraft as it was the only quality 747 we had for quite some time. The ‘Queen of the Skies’ received an update to be compatible with Prepar3D v4. Flight One states that this is not just a port from the previous version, but rather a new version completely recompiled with the v4 SDK. This is important because this improves the performance of the aircraft and adds some unique v4 features, such as the new HDR reflections and dynamic lighting.

For more information, or to purchase this amazing plane you can head over here.

Flight One Software Upgraded Website – Easier to Find Stuff

The guys over at Flight One Software has upgraded their website to make things much easier for us to find!

With so many products from various manufacturers, many products were getting lost. As a result, Flight One Software have upgraded their site to accommodate more filters to help us find the products we want.

So if you’re looking for Carenado aircraft for FS2004 (for whatever reason), then this will be much easier than before!

Check out the new site and leave them some feedback over at SimForums.

I personally feel it’s still old-fashioned and cluttered, but these extra features do bring it to a slightly more modern time!