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Flight Factor A320 Ultimate Released for X-Plane 11

The P3D community had their fix of Airbus sims today, with the release of the FSLabs A320-X update. However, the X-Plane community haven’t been left behind either! Today, Flight Factor released the first public build of their A320 Ultimate for users to purchase.

The Flight Factor A320 Ultimate aims to be the most in-depth, realistic and detailed aircraft yet released for X-Plane 11. Utilizing a custom flight model, high quality texture set and thousands of simulated objects, the A320 Ultimate promises to ‘mimic the real aircraft’. The aircraft has been under beta testing for a while with customer feedback and many are saying this is a fantastic aircraft.

The A320 Ultimate features high quality texturing and modelling throughout. Both the interior and exterior modelling provides a realistic appearance. Of course, being an Airbus aircraft, all flight modes are modeled, the aerodynamics are accurate and comes complete with specific engine modelling. The aircraft also simulates transition effects, self-tests and other features that aren’t documented in the manuals, but approved by real-world pilots.

The aircraft is now on sale at for $89.95. You can find the full feature list down below as well as product requirements. As this is version number 0.8.1, we imagine there will be a bunch of updates in the coming weeks and months to further improve the aircraft. We’ll be working on a review for you guys as soon as possible.

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Flight Factor A320 Ultimate Limited Beta Released

A320 17
Flight Factor A320 is now out as a limited beta on the X-Plane store,  and it's for Windows only this time. This aircraft comes with a very in-depth model which the developers say has not been created previously for the X-Plane platform. It provides as close as possible of an experience to the real world A320. Our earlier post about this aircraft
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Flight Factor A320 Ultimate – On Approach Video

X Plane 11 Flight Factor Airbus 320 Ultimate On Approach
Flight Factor unveiled a new preview video of their Flight Factor A320 Ultimate by Thomas Rasmussen. Video is above and it looks great. The aircraft is still being worked on which means a lot of things may change before it's released. To find out more look at X-Plane's forum page here. An earlier post we made about this aircraft is available
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Flight Factor A320 Wingflex Video

FF A320

Flight Factor, the group that is creating the A320, has released a preview video showing the wingflex in X-Plane. It’s a good sign that FF reach out to their customers with an update and show us the latest news.

According to developer Ramzzess the A320 is getting closer and closer to public beta – there are only a few things needed to finish.

For more go to Flightdeckx website and this forum over at X-Plane.

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Flight Factor A320 Ultimate for X-Plane Video Landing

FF A320 RNV Approach In Rain With Effects
Just a few days ago, Flight Factor announced they're working on a highly detailed version of the A320 for X-Plane. This got fans excited to see what the 64-bit platform could do for the airline type. With advance features and different simulator parameters, X-Plane fans were excited to see what could be done. Luckily, we didn't have to hold our breath
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Flight Factor Preview of A320 Ultimate

A320 5.jpg.1e313c362cd943b4215274a6013fc2c6
Flight Factor has today announced a little secret about their Flight Factor A320 Ultimate. They have officially announced that they are going to create their Airbus A320 Ultimate. Flight Factor began two years ago with a co-operation group to work on a real training sim for pilots. A simulation that has a totally different depth than their profession series models.
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