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FlightFactor Shares New Previews of 787 Pro


Developer FlightFactor has shared an additional number of previews for their upcoming 787 Pro for X-Plane 11. The progress comes from their 3D team and highlights improvements made over the past few previews we have seen from the team. We’ve seen numerous previews of the 787 Pro since the initial announcement of the aircraft back in September 2020.

On Twitter, FlightFactor has said that the new renders showcase the improved compass area, improved HUD and other small details. Regardless, it’s always worth noting that this is a work-in-progress model and is still subject to changes. All of the renders are below.

Not only have we seen static renders, FlightFactor last showed us some of the animations that will be found in the aircraft in the future.

FlightFactor otherwise remains quiet on how development is going and how other elements of the aircraft are coming along. However, be sure to stay tuned to FSElite so we can keep you updated on the plane’s development.

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FlightFactor Announces 787 In Development for XPL

FLIGHTFACTOR 787 X Plane 11 (3)
Aircraft developers FlightFactor has announced that they are creating a new series of aircraft based on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Dubbed as the "next generation of FlightFactor Pro" aircraft, the 787 Por from the team will bring the modern jet aircraft to X-Plane 11. Whilst details are somewhat light on the ground, FlightFactor said that the aircraft will "conquer new
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Aviacraft Releases Flight Factor A320 Mod v4

9b6a85 F4b8c6dbe89c4b0aa8b8a3982613fd7b Mv2
Aviacraft has released a new version of their Flight Factor A320 modification pack. The new mod pack, which is freeware, adds a range of options and changes to the standard Flight Factor A320 for those looking for changes to the aircraft to enhance their simulation experience. The new updated mod will enable users to change their exterior lights on the
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Minor Flight Factor A350 Update Released

FF A350 B1
A new minor update for the Flight Factor A350 has been released. Building on the major 1.6.8 release last week, Flight Factor has issued another update addressing some of the issues that the community brought up since the release. The new update brings the aircraft to version 1.6.9 and brings a few changes. For example,  the team has said that
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Flight Factor Updates A350 to v1.6.8

103076069 162638661939096 1523627386022848052 O
After months of teasing and showcasing some of the updates, the Flight Factor A350 has been updated to version 1.6.8. This update adds SID and STAR support, along with a range of other much-requested features. SID and STAR support is finally available in the aircraft, which means you can fly alongside the actual departure and arrival routes set out in
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FlightFactor Updates A320 Ultimate For Vulkan

A320 2020 07 04 12.27.58

Just this week, X-Plane aircraft developer FlightFactor have released a new update to their A320 Ultimate aircraft and brought it to version 1.0.7 with numerous changes, but to give the weekend a TOGA take-off, they have officially update the plane through beta 1.0.8 to add full support with X-Plane 11’s new graphics rendering system, Vulkan. This means that the aircraft should now be able to overcome any past issues with the X-Plane 11.50 Beta and the Vulkan rendering system.

While the update brings a pretty major change, it is important to note that this is a beta and that things may not work as intended for all users and there may be bugs, so installing is at the users own risk.

To check out more details on the FlightFactor A320 Ultimate and the new update you can head over to the forums and join the ongoing discussion about the aircraft.

As a reminder, you may view the full changelog for version 1.0.7 of aircraft here.

You can pick up the FlightFactor A320 Ultimate from the store for $79.95 USD.

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New Flight Factor A350 Further Update Previews

A350 X Plane 11 Flight Factor (1)
Emma Bently on the Flight Factor Facebook group has shared a handful of new previews from the Alpha version of the upcoming A350 update. This update, which we have covered previously, will enable SID/STAR functionality, holds and much more. As mentioned before, the flight computer (FMGS) will receive some needed improvements. First, you’ll be able to use SIDs/STARs with their transitions
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Flight Factor Announces Update for Airport Visual System – Coming Soon

Flight Factor has announced that a new update for their Airport Visual System (AVS) will be released soon. On Twitter, the team confirmed that the update will feature additional functionality to enhance the user's experience. The Airport Visual System will feature new integration with Navigraph along with multi-monitor support. In addition, users will be able to pop-out the window for
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Flight Factor 757 Updated to Version 2.3.7

757 200 Xp11 12
Aircraft developer Flight Factor has posted a new update to their Boeing 757 rendition. Included in the update is numerous fixes to the modern avionics package that was recently released. That upgrade-update is available for $20 (for existing 757 customers) on the store here.  Changelog Changed alt disagree message logic for FPDS Set altitude symbol step as 20 and
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FlightFactor Statement on A320 Plans & Updates

A320 219
Many questions have been sent to the developer in late months in regards to the future of the model which has so far received more than one-hundred updates since initial release. The aircraft is still 'technically' in open beta but in fact, it is one of the most whole and complete models in X-Plane and is quite stable. The team are still fully committed to holding the objectives outlined on this webpage.
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