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First Look: Orbx Volanta


Orbx Volanta is a virtual flight tracker, made by Orbx. I’ve had access to it now for a couple of months, and seen the tool progress a lot. In this first look article, I want to give you my thoughts on Volanta and tell you how it works.

Let’s begin with the latter part: how does Volanta work? Volanta integrates perfectly with your flight simulator, Prepar3D v5 in my case. This even happens when you’re not actively using it, but instead just have it running in the background. When you load up your sim and have selected your aircraft, Volanta will automatically add this aircraft (recognised by registration and type) to your fleet. In much the same fashion, Volanta will also keep track of your flights. If you fly from anywhere to anywhere, Volanta will log this as a flight too.

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The Skypark: The FSElite First Look

The Skypark The FSElite First Look
This video is all about The Skypark from //42 (Parallel 42). It should be worth noting this is an "Early Access" product. A full review will follow after early access. Developer walkthrough: Produced By: Ronnie Wainscott PC Specs Case: Lian-Li 0-11 Dynamic XL Mobo: Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master CPU: Intel i9 9900K (Stock Clocked) GPU: Gigabyte Aorus GeForce RTX
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Honeycomb Aeronautical Bravo Throttle Quadrant: First Look

The Honeycomb Aeronautical Bravo Throttle Quadrant is perhaps one of the most anticipated pieces of hardware for flight simulation. Following on from the hugely successful, and frankly incredible, Alpha Flight Controls, the Bravo has a lot to live up to. When Honeycomb first entered this space with their initial proposals, it had the community excited for what could possibly come
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iniBuilds A300-600F: The FSElite First Look

IniBuilds A300 600F The FSElite First Look
Tim and Lee share their first impressions of the iniBuilds A300-600RF: On the Line. If you are looking for a new widebody 'bus for your hangar, this aircraft is worth a look Music - Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata from YouTube Creator Studio Links:
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Aerosoft A330 Professional : The FSElite First Look Part lI

In our second and final part of this First look for the Aerosoft A330 Professional, we land the aircraft into John F Kennedy Airport both during a stunning sunset and in heavy fog.

The video was recorded with version of the aircraft as various improvements on the autoland and aircraft handling were made at this time.

A full review will be coming soon for the aircraft.

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Aerosoft A330 Professional : The FSElite First Look Part 1

Aerosoft A330 Professional The FSElite First Look Part L
Come and join us at 18:00 zulu on Monday 9th December 2019 for our first look at the Aerosoft A330 Professional. This is a pre-recorded video we took in the build-up to release to show you everything from a cold-and-dark start to reaching cruising altitude. Be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell to be informed when the video goes live.
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Ultimate Ground Crew X: The FSElite First Look

Ultimate Ground Crew X The FSElite First Look
FS2Crew is widely known for their virtual copilots, and now we have a virtual ground crew from them as well. Ultimate Ground Crew X has been in development for many years, and now we are finally able to get our own first look at the product. Let's dive right in and see what Ultimate Ground Crew X has to offer. Ultimate
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Milviz SR-71 Blackbird: The FSElite First Look

Milviz SR 71 Blackbird The FSElite First Look Featured 2
A couple of things to keep in mind before we get started: The Milviz SR-71 Blackbird is still in an alpha state with nearly everything in this particular build still a work in progress. What’s shown in this first look does not represent the final product, as changes and improvements will be made as the aircraft progresses to later alphas
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