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Feature Discovery Series

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Huge January 16th Update


Microsoft has updated its blog site, as usual, with a huge amount of new information, screenshots and also a brand new episode of their Feature Discovery Series.

Feature Discovery Series (Episode 5): Soundscape

An all-new Feature Discovery Series episode has been released, with the focus being all about the soundscape. This 10-minute video looks really in-depth about how far the development team are going to deliver an exceptional sound environment within the simulator. From using real-world recordings to accurately depict the aircraft’s varying sounds to also how the environment itself will feel alive using sound.

Developer SDK

Perhaps more excitingly for those who are developers reading this, an alpha version of the anticipated SDK will be made available soon to developers. After months of hard work, Microsoft will release the 3rd party development SDK to those who are partners at the same time as the upcoming ALPHA release (more on that in a moment).

The SDK will enable 3rd parties to create and edit scenery, airports, aircraft and missions. The SDK is also confirmed to be the same as the one developers use to make in-sim tools. There will be plenty of time for developers to pass on feedback to ensure that the SDK meets their requirements.

Those of you reading who are 3rd party developers, but not yet been in touch with the team, Microsoft is advising to reach out via this email.

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Microsoft Feature Discovery Episode Four: Cockpits

Feature Discovery Series Episode 4 Cockpits
Microsoft has released its latest Feature Discover Series update and this time it focused on the cockpit and the visuals, sounds and camera movements that come with it. Hosted by Martial Bossard, Lead Software Engineer at Asobo, the video shows off beautiful visuals in some of the cockpits that we can look forward to. Brossard highlights features including highly detailed
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Feature Discovery Series Episode 2: Weather Now Available to Watch

Feature Discovery Series Episode 2 Weather
As promised, Microsoft has shared the second episode of their Feature Discovery Series. This episode focuses entirely on the weather. This follows on from the 10-minute video from last week where Lionel Fuentes spoke to us about the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator. This new video featuring David Dedeine, Creative Director, focuses on what we can expect from the all-new weather engine
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Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2020) – September 26th Update: Feature Discovery Series Preview

Chrome 2019 09 26 21 44 39
Microsoft continue to deliver on their regular Thursday updates (and earlier than usual, too) with a new update via their Microsoft Flight Simulator blog. The new update was brief and focused on introducing the new discovery series, which will focus on various elements that all community members are desperate to know more about. The blog also shared an updated time
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