New X-Crafts ERJ Family Previews


To follow up on their in-sim cockpit previews, the X-Crafts ERJ Family has progressed tremendously since and is now seen in action from the outer side with their latest set of previews.

The ERJ Family package will be the next step in development from their widely successful and popular E-Jet add-ons for X-Plane 11. This package will include all three jets: E135, E140 and E145 with the E145XR variant most likely also to be included.

X-Crafts are working day and night to get this aircraft out to the community and with the aircraft currently in alpha, it is likely we’re to see it in our sims soon. In these previews, X-Crafts are previewing the exterior of their ERJ in-sim for the first time with a fresh Alitalia livery painted on.

A release date has not yet been mentioned. You can view the full forum thread on here.

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Just Flight Continue To Preview Duchess Model 76

DuchessNew (3)
Just a day after previewing the IFR-capable avionics options on the Duchess Model 76, Just Flight has released in-sim previews of the Duchess' cockpit and exterior in action over on their Facebook page. In these previews, we can see that a lot of attention has been paid to detail when it came to modeling and texturing inside and out of the aircraft. The
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SSG Previews CRJ-700 Exterior

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Over on their Facebook group, Supercritical Simulations Group (SSG) has announced a major milestone in the development of their CRJ-700NG for X-Plane. The exterior modeling and texturing on their CRJ-700NG has been more or less finalised. Along with the announcement, they've provided an abundance of eye-catching screenshots for your viewing pleasure. Previewed, are the seven individual liveries which will be included in
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