X-Crafts ERJ Family Updated to V1.3.20 for X-Plane 11


Since X-Craft’s last major update in April 2020, the developer brings yet another update for the ERJ Family to V1.3.20. This new update entails the Avionics, FMS/Autoflight, Aircraft/Objects, and FMOD.

In the Avionics section, a revision to the Ground speed/Time to go/Elapsed time is now displayed on the PFD and is visible in the lower right. Regarding the FMS/Autoflight section, a fix for vertical mode function such as selection between FLC to SPD or VS now works correctly. Another fix is for the FLC so that descent is now possible with that mode. Payload and fuel weights have been revised so entry is limited and calculated correctly without overloading the aircraft. Additionally, aircraft external lights are fixed to a more focused beam of light and the lights do not shine through the geometry of the aircraft. Finally, FMOD cabin announcements have been added and can be toggled on or off depending on your preferences.

X-Craft has posted in the X-Plane forum how to update the product to reflect V1.3.20.

The full list of changes can be found below.

The ERJ Family for X-Plane 11 can be purchased from the X-Plane Store for $89.95 USD.

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FeelThere Embraer – New Series of Videos

A few days ago, FeelThere released a new cold and dark set-up video for their upcoming Embraer jets. Since then, a selection of other videos has been published all with narration from a real-world ERJ pilot who talks through some of the real-life quirks of the aircraft. The tutorials available extend the cold and dark state, with the videos now
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FeelThere Embraer Cold and Dark Start-Up Video

The team at FeelThere has shared a new video of their upcoming Embraer ERJ 175-195 on YouTube. The new video is a 5-minute tutorial on how to configure the aircraft from a cold and dark state to functioning systems within the cockpit. Furthermore, elements of some of the systems and functionality are also explained to give users an expectation on
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X-Crafts Updates ERJ Family To Version 1.1.4

X-Plane developer X-Crafts has released an update for their Embraer Regional Jets Family. This update corrects minor readability issues on the EICAS and improves the speed brake logic. Finally, the overall code was rendered more efficient. Released in May 2019, the X-Crafts ERJ Family is available on the X-Plane store for $89.95 USD. It contains the Embraer 135, 140, 145,
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X-Crafts Embraer ERJ Family Updated to Version 1.1.2

X Crafts Erj Family E135 E140 (10)
Aircraft developer X-Crafts has updated their Embraer ERJ Family of aircraft to version 1.1.2. The new update has been described by X-Crafts as "a combination of repair work as well as new functionality." The 1.1.2 update now allows people to switch between LB/KG on the MFD and EICAS, along with updated FMOD sounds and landing calls to the aircraft. Furthermore,
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ERJ Family by X-Crafts Updated to Version 1.10

Erj Family Update X Crafts X Plane 11

Back in May, X-Crafts released their ERJ family of aircraft for X-Plane 11. Since then, the team has listened to community feedback to provide a brand new update that significantly updates the product in a variety of ways.

On the forums, the team gave a comprehensive look at the changes, fixes and new additions to the aircraft. Over 70 items have been changed or updated as a direct result of the developer’s continued support. The changes have been documented in the following areas: Aircraft related, Model Related, Textures, Sound and Change by Steve.

In the aircraft related changes, some things addressed include spool up/down times, fixes to the fuel page and things such as EICAS messages overlapping. With the modelling and texture work, users can expect to see fixes to the NAV lights, cabin lights are now controllable, and there have been fixes to the speedbrake textures. For the sound enthusiasts, you will be pleased to hear that the sound has been encoded in 5.1 surround sound. Improvements in bass effects, callouts and thrust reverse sounds have also been included with update 1.10 for the ERJ Family by X-Crafts.

The full list of changes has been documented below for your convenience. You can also get involved in the discussion on the forum topic.

You can grab a hold of the complete X-Crafts ERJ Family over at the store for a price of $89.95 (Excl. VAT). All variants included in the ERJ Family pack can also be purchased separately at $49.95 (Excl. VAT) each here.

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New X-Crafts ERJ Family Previews

The ERJ Family package will be the next step in development from their widely successful and popular E-Jet add-ons. This package will include all three jets: E135, E140 and E145 with the E145XR variant most likely also to be included.
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