TOGA Projects Envtex: The FSElite Video Review

Check out Ronnie Wainscott’s take on TOGA Projects’ Envtex w/ Envshade in our new FSElite Video Review on our YouTube channel.

Scoring 9.5/10, it certainly did not fail to impress. The 4 and a half minute video takes you through an in-depth review of Envtex for Prepar3D v4. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

If you don’t already own it, you can grab a hold of TOGA Projects’ Envtex over at simMarket for a price of €21.00 (Excl. VAT) for FSX and Prepar3D.

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TOGA Projects Release ENVSHADE Update 1.6

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Not long after updating their flagship product, ENVTEX, developers TOGA Projects has released a small but meaningful update for their other program: ENVSHADE. The new update ensure that it is ready for Prepar3D V4.4 and also includes some neat new features. As said on their Facebook page (and forum post), ENVSHADE now features the ability to have directional cumulus cloud
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Giveaway: TOGA Projects ENVTEX and ENVSHADE

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FSElite is excited to present another giveaway to our readers! The prize that we're giving away this time includes a copy of ENVTEX and ENVSHADE, TOGA Project's popular graphical enhancement tools for FSX and P3D. This giveaway is in correlation with our recent exclusive post which showed off some of the new exciting features that will be coming in SP2 for
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TOGA Projects Updates EnvUpdater

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TOGA Projects has released a new version of their EnvUpdater software that adds functionality and makes it easier for the user to keep all of their Env products up-to-date. Writing in a post on their Facebook page, the developer says the latest update gives the EnvUpdater tool the ability to update EnvDir, Envtex, and Envshade without any additional input from
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TOGA Projects ENVSHADE Updated To P3D 4.2

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TOGA Projects has today released a new and P3D 4.2 compatible version of ENVSHADE for us to use. It’s available for download from your SimMarket account. Envshade was updated for P3Dv4.2 v4.1 and v3.4 as well. The transition between the day and night has been adjusted as well as the 3D lights power and the urban areas saturation at night.
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TOGA Projects Updates ENVTEX to 1.1.1 – ENVDIR Compatible

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Since the launch of ENVTEX, FSElite have been huge fans of the products TOGA Projects has released. With the release of ENVSHADE a few days ago, it came with a cool tool called ENVDIR which is the universal tool between their range of products. With this in mind, TOGA Projects have now updated ENVTEX to be compatible with the tool to allow easy access to everything you need.

Furthermore, the new update to ENVTEX brings a couple of new features including brand new rain and snow effects for P3Dv4, milkway edge issues have been corrected for all simulators, and even the water spray effects have been updated.

Finally, TOGA Projects have included a new update tool called ENVUPDATER which will update your products without the need to uninstall and reinstall everything. It is semi-automatic right now, meaning you’ll have to manually click the button to check for updates. They are looking into a fully automatic option in the near future.

The team recommend that you do the following to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Open ENVTEX and then click on the ‘export’ tool to save your current settings
  • Uninstall your current version of ENVTEX
  • Download and install the new version
  • Open up ENVTEX and then import your settings.

We’ll continue to update you guys with any new information going forward. You can grab it now from SimMarket. If you don’t own it already, check out our review and then buy it.

Here’s the full changelog.

Envtex 1.1.1 changelog:
– Now compatible with Envdir
– Easier product updates
– Rain & Snow effects and textures updated for P3Dv4
– Milkyway edges issue corrected for all simulators
– Water spray effects updated

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TOGA Projects ENVSHADE Released

TOGA Projects has released their ENVSHADE today. It's available to buy at Simmarket for 4.80 EUR. Above is a preview video for you to watch ENVSHADE in action. ENVSHADE is software that enhances your shaders in P3D v3 and V4. It increases the realism in your sim with highly realistic shaders. Not only that, the shaders react to different variables
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TOGA Projects Announces ENVSHADE for Prepar3D V3 and V4

TOGA Projects, the team behind the fantastic ENVTEX has confirmed details of their upcoming product ENVSHADE. The new product makes this whole shader business within Prepar3D as easy as possible by providing a complete solution to shader usage. If you're not aware, changing shaders within Prepar3D can make the sim look amazing. There's already the great PTA Tool which will
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