Onfinal Studio Releases Berlevåg Airport for MSFS

253378 Onfinal Studio ENBV 01

Coming not long after their Batsfjord Airport release, Nordic scenery developer Onfinal Studio has recently provided MSFS users with their detailed rendition of Berlevåg Airport (ENBV), realeasing the scenery via the simMarket online store.

Much like the developers’ previous releases, Berlevåg Airport is a small regional airport serving the residents of the Berlevåg Municipality and is located in the Troms og Finnmark county in Norway. The airport began construction in August of 1943 and was initially meant to serve as a military installation during WWII. Following the cessation of hostilities, the airfield, due to extensively sustained damage, could only be returned to service during the early 1970s.

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Onfinal Studio Shares 2021 Roadmap

Onfinal Airport Msfs (2)
Scenery developer Onfinal Studio has shared their roadmap for the next few months within 2021. The roadmap shared that the development team has three airports currently in development. Following on from the release of Esbjerg Airport earlier this week, the team will be working on three new airports. The first of those will be Onfinal Studio's release of Batsfjord Airport
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Onfinal Studio Releases Berlevåg (ENBV)

ENBV Preview Onfinal Studio 3 (1)
Onfinal Studio has released Berlevåg airport. The airport is located in the municipality of Berlevåg, Norway. It receives a few domestic flights to destinations such as Hammerfest and Kirkenes all served by Widerøe on small Dash 8-100 aircraft. Just under 6,000 passengers travelled through the airport in 2015. This high quality scenery is provided by Onfinal Studio as freeware and is an
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