Emerald Scenery Design

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Emerald Scenery Design – Bear Island V2 Update

Emerald Scenery Design has just announced that they have done a lot of improvements to Bear Island freeware scenery. Scenery will be available for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D V2 to V4. Main difference is that they have added new Stump and Log models. As well as a new shoreline near the dock, more (placed) vegetation and finally a complete overhaul
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Emerald Scenery Design Bear Island v2.0.1 Released

ESD BearIslandv2 5 1024×555
Emerald Scenery Design has today released an update for Bear Island. It's an update that comes with a few tweaks and other improvements. Also added compatability with P3D V4 platform. This is an incremental patch which can be downloaded from their update page. It does however require Bear Island V2 to work properly. New features in Bear Island V2.0.1 Now
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Emerald Scenery Design Allan Island V1.1.2 updated to P3D V4

Allan Island V112 Config
Emerald Scenery Design has updated their Allan Islands scenery to version 1.1.2. This new version comes with compatibility for P3DV4 as well as some other improvements. The update can be downloaded from their Emerald Scenery Design website and this scenery update requires 1.1 to be installed. It's an incremental patch for FSX, P3D V2 and V3. Users that use P3DV4 have
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Emerald Object Library V2.0 – Build 080117 Released

Esd Facebook Graphic
Emerald Scenery Design has released a new build for their Emerald Object Library - Build 080117 which includes the very latest version of SODE, multiple tweaks and many other performance improvements. Also, they have released a hotfix for Allan Island which fixes a scaling issue that was present in the latest build. For more take a look at their website where
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Emerald Scenery Design Bear Island V2 + Open Beta

Emerald Scenery Design has announced on FSDeveloper their next scenery; being a V2 of Bear Island. Emerald Scenery Design likes to keep it simple and yet, very immense. This is one of those add on sceneries where you can crank all the sliders to the right and still maintain a very high FPS in your sim. Bear Island V2 is
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