Orbx Releases Stapleford for MSFS


Orbx has recently released Stapleford Airport (EGSG) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Stapleford Airport opened to the public back in 1933. Its main use before World War II was for passenger transportation between Paris and other European cities. Shortly after, the RAF took interest in the airfield by using it as a satellite station for the region. The airport was also one of the staging areas during preparation for D-Day. Today, the airport is primarily used for flight training, by utilizing general aviation aircraft.  Furthermore, the airport has two runways, one being a short grass strip and the other having a longer distance with part asphalt.

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Orbx Announces Stapleford Airfield for MSFS

Orbx Stapleford Airport Egsg (1)
Located in Essex, Stapleford Airfield (EGSG) is a family-run flight training business centre with various charter services offering flights over London. The UK airport has today been confirmed to be in development by Orbx and will be released this coming weekend. The airport was originally developed by Russ White as one of the first UK airfields ever made, and the
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Orbx Releases Stapleford For X-Plane 11

Egsg Xp11 Orbx (10)
Developer Orbx has released Stapleford Airport (EGSG) for X-Plane 11. Built in the 1930s, the airport was used by the RAF during the Second World War. Today, the airport has been repurposed and is mainly used as a pilot training facility called the Stapleford Flight Centre. Features of the airport include 11 cm per pixel ground textures at the airport
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Orbx Stapleford Airport EGSG Announced for X-Plane 11

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Continuing the development of airports to compliment and further enhance their newly released TrueEarth GB South add-on for X-Plane 11, Orbx has revealed that the next airport to come is Stapleford Airport (EGSG) which was announced on their forum. Stapleford Airport, located in the Epping Forest district of Essex is a stunning destination for any national VFR traffic. It is used extensively for pilot training by
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