Boundless Releases Teeside Airport for XPL; Announces Alderney for MSFS

Boundless Teeside Xpl (3)

Scenery developer Boundless continues to bring new airport releases to X-Plane 11. Teeside Airport (EGNV) is the latest release by the team and comes with a variety of features representing the regional UK airport. Located in North east England, Teeside Airport is a growing airport for the region with airlines such as KLM, TUI and Ryanair all growing their presence there offering flights across Europe.

The airport comes with an accurate layout of the airport as it is today, along with custom HD ortho imagery and 4K texturing throughout. In addition to the airport being represented in high quality, the team has also included the nearby business park, animated trains and also custom airport ground vehicles. As with other releases, Boundless has ensured that Traffic Global is compatible with the airport product.

You can buy Teeside Airport for X-Plane 11 now from Boundless’ website for £12.99.

In addition to the release of Teeside Airport for X-Plane 11, Boundless has also partnered with iniScene to bring Alderney Island Airport (EGJA) to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport product is confirmed to come with plenty of custom objects and notable landmarks. Not much more was confirmed, but it will be coming to both the iniBuilds Store and the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace.

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Boundless Announces Teeside International Airport for XPL

Egnv Airport Teeside Boundless Xpl 1
Boundless has confirmed they will release Teesside International Airport (EGNV) for X-Plane 11 in the coming weeks. Announced on Facebook, the team said that the airport will come complete with detailed othoimagery, HD PBR texturing and a host of other features. Situated in Durham, UK, Teeside International Airport, is a small regional airport serving domestic routes across the UK, along with
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