Head-To-Head: Bristol Airport (EGGD) Pilot Plus and UK2000 Scenery

Head To Head Bristol Airport Pp Uk2000

I promise this will be the last time I cover anything related to Bristol Airport for the foreseeable future. I have already reviewed Pilot Plus’ Bristol Airport on X-Plane and also UK2000 Scenery’s rendition on Prepar3D. Suffice to say neither really blew me out of the water, but both provided a solid experience for their respective platforms. Now, we have the airport on the same platform by both developers. When this happened, I had a huge number of requests to make a head to head comparison of them both. These requests have brought me back to my home airport yet again, pitting relatively new developer Pilot Plus against the established UK2000 Scenery on Prepar3D only.

Quick Overview

Pilot Plus

Release date: 15th May 2020

Price: $34.95 AUD (approximately £19.24)

Store: Orbx

UK2000 Scenery

Release date: December 4th 2019

Price: £18.48

Store: UK2000 Scenery


Both airports are fully compatible with Prepar3D v5 through their installer. However, as Pilot Plus is now a partner of Orbx, you get the advantage of using their incredible Orbx Central to download, update and install the product. It’s a huge breath of fresh air compared to the archaic process of installing UK2000 Scenery. With Orbx Central, you can simply install with one-click, UK2000 Scenery on the other hand, requires you to install the airport, along with a common objects library and other files.

In normal circumstances, the tried and tested method of installing products isn’t all that bad, but when directly comparing it to the system Orbx has in place for their partner products, it just reminds you how good it could be. This makes me hope that more developers join the Orbx partnership program just to pass on the ease of installation to the customer.

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Pilot Plus Releases EGGD Bristol Airport for Prepar3D v4 and v5

Eggd Bristol Airport Orbx Pilot Plus (2)
Scenery developers Pilot Plus have jumped from the world of X-Plane and released their first airport for Prepar3D v4 and v5. EGGD Bristol Airport, located in the South-west of the UK, is home to numerous airlines including low-cost carriers easyJet, Ryanair and also charter airlines such as TUI. The airport handles over 9 million passengers per year, with the largest
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Pilot Plus Officially Showcases Bristol Airport (EGGD) for Prepar3D

Orbx Pilot Plus Eggd Bristol (2)
Back in September, scenery developers Pilot Plus released EGGD Bristol Airport Definitive for X-Plane 11. Following that release in October, we reported that the scenery would then be coming to the world of Prepar3D. Now partnered with Orbx, the Prepar3D version of EGGD Bristol Airport Definitive will be releasing very soon. Both on the Pilot Plus website and the Orbx
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Pilot Plus Now Publishing Through OrbxDirect

83926330 2554808178093535 3440432334975795200 O
Scenery developers, Pilot Plus has announced that they will be publishing their products through OrbxDirect. Pilot Plus is the latest developer to sign up to the Orbx partner programme to enable customers to download and update their products through Orbx Central. Currently, the only product available via Orbx from PilotPlus is their recently released EGGD Bristol International Airport. Bristol Airport,
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UK2000 Scenery Bristol 2019HD: The FSElite Review

In 2019, UK2000 Scenery made the very conscious decision of taking a step back from scenery development to focus on creating new tools and texture sets to better position themselves in a world of detailed scenery packages. It’s no secret that whilst the UK2000 Scenery packages are adequate, they started to look dated compared to older products - hence the
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UK2000 Scenery Bristol 2019HD for X-Plane Released

Uk2000 Scenery Bristol 2019 Hd (4)

After a slight delay, UK2000 Scenery has released Bristol 2019HD for X-Plane 11. The scenery package brings the Southwest airport to the simulator and is available free to those who purchased the P3D/FSX version, which released last month. The airport has grown in traffic over the past few years with easyJet dominating the airport, along with other airlines such as TUI, Ryanair and Air Lingus all serving multiple destinations.

Bristol 2019HD serves as the next level of scenery development from UK2000 Scenery with improvements to texturing, 3D modelling quality and features. The X-Plane 11 version features many of the same as the P3D, including PBR materials, custom autogen, static vehicles and much more.

As previously mentioned, if you own the FSX/P3D version already, this new version is already in your account free of charge. Those who have yet to purchase can do so by heading to UK2000 Scenery’s website. It will cost you £18.48, but you can get 25% off if you owned V3 of the airport previously.

It will be interesting to see how this version compares to the recently released Pilot Plus version (and subsequent free update).

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UK2000 Scenery Bristol 2019HD Releasing 4th December

Uk2000 Scenery Bristol 2019 Hd (4)
UK2000 Scenery has announced that their newest version of Bristol Airport (EGGD) will release on December 4th 2019. Bristol 2019HD is the result of changes to the way in which UK2000 Scenery develops airports, taking advantage of more advanced techniques. In the Facebook post, the team said that the groundwork is all in PBR and so "it looks slightly better in
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UK2000 Scenery Bristol 2019HD Now Available

Uk2000 Scenery Bristol 2019hd (10)
Scenery developers UK2000 Scenery has released Bristol 2019HD for Prepar3D V4 and FSX. The UK airport is in the Southwest part of the country and is continuously growing in size and sees more and more routes added each year. Main airlines include easyJet, Ryanair, TUI and others. Despite being a relatively small airport, Bristol Airport can handle a loaded 787
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UK2000 Scenery Bristol 2019 HD (EGGD) Previews

Uk2000 Scenery Bristol Eggd P3d 3
UK2000 Scenery has shared a few new images for their upcoming Bristol 2019 HD airport. The airport is an all-new version based off of the new techniques UK2000 Scenery has been building to create the next wave of airport products. The new images primarily show off the new library objects included in the release. The new previews focus heavily on
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