Maddog X Shared Cockpit Release, Teases EFB, P3D V5 Compatibility


Leonardo Softhouse has been busy in the previous weeks, with the official release of the shared cockpit function and version 1.6b557. The shared cockpit function has been released as a public beta about three weeks ago, but still needed some small adjustment. The version is now final and new full installers have been released to Simmarket.

In addition to the shared cockpit function, the following fixes and improvements have been included :

  • new spoilers/autospoilers logic
  • each single Maddog X command has its entry in the event list of the load manager, allowing owners of various devices to specifically program their hardware
  • Axis assignment options through FSUIPC or not, depending on your use of the shared cockpit function.
  • Various bug fixes
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SimToolKitPro: The FSElite First Look

SimToolKitPro The FSElite First Look
SimToolKitPro is one of those programs that repeatedly made me go, Wow! Not only is this tool a virtual logbook, but also an EFB (electronic flight bag). You can not only plan your flight from directly in the app with the SimBrief integration, but you can also make changed to the flight plan within the program and preview what those
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Aerosoft Comments on Upcoming A330 Release Including EFB

Screenshot 2019 09 24 At 20.19.03
Developer of the much-anticipated A330, Aerosoft's Mathijs Kok has published details on the Aerosoft forum regarding the Electronic Flight Bag for the upcoming Airbus A330 for P3D. Mathijs started by posting a screenshot of the Elecronic Flight Bag in action from the flight deck of the A330. The screenshot shows the final layout of the EFB that includes main tabs
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AivlaSoft Announces EFB Compatibility for X-Plane

AivlaSoft has announced over on their forum that their EFB is now available for X-Plane. The utility has impressive features including flight charts, vertical guidance, weather and more. The EFB also includes custom checklist features that allow you to customise the checklists to your prefered company's procedures. The charts functionality allows you to accurately find your aircraft in the air and
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EFB to be Included in Aerosoft A330

Aerosoft A330 Vc 2019 6
While we've certainly seen the visual model previewed on the upcoming Aerosoft A330, something we haven't heard a lot of is some of the features we can look forward to in the product. One of the most requested features for the Aerosoft Airbus family has always been an EFB, or electronic flight bag, used to store and read charts, among
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Aivlasoft EFB v2 Released


After showing off some previews around a week ago, Aivlasoft has released version 2 of their popular EFB utility.

The updated version of the electronic flight bag brings new features and improvements, such as;

  • Improved Approach displays
  • Oceanic track details
  • Vertical guidance for precision & non-precision approaches
  • TOPCAT integration
  • Detailed weather information with Activesky, FSGRW and NOAA integration
  • Customisable, interactive checklists
  • And much more

Aivlasoft EFB v2 is available now from the developer’s website for USD $59.90.

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AivlaSoft EFB v2 Details

AivlaSoft, a utility developer for flight simulators, has released some previews and details about the upcoming update to their renowned Electronic Flight Bag program (EFB). Many users know the EFB as an easy-to-use, ever-helpful piece of software, which has become integral to their flight simming experience. AivlaSoft has been working hard to make sure this is the case for many
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