Zero Dollar Payware Announces 3 New Airports: Heathrow, Gold Coast and Hamburg Finkenwerder

X Plane 0eSYwCM36A

Freeware X-Plane 11 developer, Zero Dollar Payware, has confirmed they are working on three brand new airports for X-Plane 11. Those airports are Heathrow, Gold Coast and Hamburg Finkenwerder.

The first airport, which was actually announced a few days ago was, is Gold Coast Airport (YBCG). Located near Brisbane in Australia, the airport is sat along the coast and has incredible views as you come into land. It’s being worked on by various developers with support from the whole Zero Dollar Payware team.


Yesterday, the team were a little more cryptic in their announcement by sharing a teaser shot minus any airport confirmation. However, it was later confirmed to be Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport (EDHI); one of Airbus’ production factories. Again, not much is known about the freeware itself other than it’s being worked on and will be ready when it’s ready.


Perhaps the most exciting of announcements came from the team today (not an April Fools joke). Zero Dollar Payware has confirmed they will be bringing London Heathrow Airport (EGLL) to X-Plane 11 for free. The teaser image (top) shared highlights the iconic air traffic control tower as a British Airways 777 takes off in the distance. The team said, “Heathrow is [obliviously] a very large airport so it will take several months to complete, but as with most of our projects there will be an open beta available when we are ready to release it.”

As with other releases, each airport will be released for free once they are made available. It should be noted that the team is very clear about the fact there is no release dates associated with any of these products and will continue to update the community through their Discord channel.

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