29Palms Releases EDDN Nuremberg XP


In partnership with Captain7, 29Palms has released the X-Plane version of their popular EDDN Nuremberg Airport. The airport originally released for Prepar3D and FSX, but this version is fully compatible with X-Plane 11.

Over 1000 photos of the airport were taken to assist with the creation of this airport for X-Plane 11. All buildings, structures and apron areas are fully covered with highly detailed modelling and texture work. Furthermore, 55km² of coverage is included for scenic approaches into the airport. Numerous houses, buildings, traffic routes and terrain features are included for those immersive experiences. Vehicle animations are also included, along with HDR night lighting, animated jetways, snow and rain effects and much more.

You can purchase 29Palms EDDN Nuremberg XP from a variety of stores including the 29Palms store (€24.95), Flightbeam ($23.95) and Aerosoft (€24.95).

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Captain7 Nuremberg Development Update

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Over on Facebook, Captain7 gave a development status regarding a few ongoing projects, including Nuremberg for X-Plane. Let's take a look at all the updates shared in the post.   Nuremberg (X-Plane) This scenery was released from Prepar3D back in 2018, and was very highly rated by us. Captain7 has been working on an X-Plane version for this popular scenery,
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29Palms Releases Update For Nuremberg

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29Palms Scenery Design has released the first update for their Nuremberg (EDDN) scenery. In an effort to keep the scenery as current as possible, the developer has mirrored real-world airport changes in this update by adding new mobile light poles at gates 30 - 36. Added recently at the actual airport, the light poles in the simulator also feature dynamic
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29Palms & Captain7 Nuremberg: The FSElite Review

Review Nuremberg
Nuremberg Airport by developer 29Palms and Captain7 may well be one of the best sceneries in my library. Thoughtfully laid out and with a clear attention to detail, 29Palms and Captain7 have captured the essence of this cozy Bavarian airport. Nuremberg International Airport (EDDN) is located in the heart of Bavaria, and is the second-busiest airport next to Munich Airport
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[UPDATE] 29Palms Nuremberg Released

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After great anticipation, 29Palms and Captain7 have released their long-awaited Nuremberg scenery. Available for P3D v4 only, this product takes advantage of the 64bit platform and has had some incredible results with what looks to be an excellent scenery. Available for a price of €20.97 (excl tax), this product can soon be purchased from 29Palm's website. Nuremberg will also be available to
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[UPDATE: Winners Announced] FSElite Giveaway: 29Palms Nuremburg (EDDN)

Nuremberg Giveaway


Thank you to everyone who took part in our giveaway. As always, a massive thanks to the guys at 29Palms for giving us the chance to give away a couple of copies.

We have two winners! Congratulations to Stefan F who won the random selection from the AviationLads Facebook page and also congratulations to Mark Oxley who won our comment section contest.

We’ll be in touch with both winners soon on how to claim the prize.


COMPETITION NOW CLOSED – In anticipation of the release of 29Palms and Captain7’s upcoming release of Nuremberg, we have teamed up with our friends at AviationLads to give the community a chance to win one of two copies!

The airport itself is looking very impressive already, and the official trailer below should give you a good idea on the final product when it releases on Monday 16th July.

To win, you have two opportunities.

1) Go to the AviationLads official Facebook page and give them a like. They’ll randomly select one person from everyone who likes their page and that lucky person will be the winner. So if you already have liked them, then you’ve got nothing else to do.

2) Comment down below with a reason as to why you should get a free copy. The person with the most “upvotes” from the community will win! This is providing that the comment doesn’t breach our terms and conditions, and actually is a “reason to win” – not just some random comment that people like. We may use our discretion to ensure the winner is chosen fairly. Also, don’t be ‘that person’ and just downvote every comment to try and increase your chances of winning. We will monitor it and any abuse and we’ll disqualify you. Finally, one comment per person will be counted. So make sure your first comment is your best one!

We’ll run the competition until Tuesday at 18:00z and pick the winner shortly after. We’ll then notify them as soon as possible.

Dont forget you will be agreeing to our privacy policy should you choose option 2. 

(If someone happens to be picked for both prizes, we’ll randomly pick a second person from the Facebook contest to ensure two different people win. It’s unlikely but to give you an answer before the question is asked)

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29Palms Nuremberg Release Schedule

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It has taken the team over at 29Palms Scenery Design more than 2,5 years. But, at last, the team was able to announce that Nuremberg (EDDN) will release this month. The addon is currently going through the last stages of beta testing, after some last features have been added. Some of these features are the animated tower elevator, as well
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29Palms EDDN Nuremburg Possibly Releasing in July

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A highly anticipated scenery, 29Palns EDDN Nuremburg has been in beta for some time now and we haven't heard much on the project since. Today, AviationLads are here to provide a beta update on the project along with a possible release timeframe, and of course, new previews! AviationLads are part of the beta team of Nuremburg and have been the
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29Palms Nuremberg EDDN Entering Beta Soon

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After announcing Nuremburg EDDN nearly 3 years ago, 29Palms are back with more news and previews on their upcoming scenery! In a short post on Facebook, 29Palms has announced that EDDN Nuremburg will be entering the beta testing phase right after Easter and that release is now "within reach"! That was all for now but there is sure to be
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