Short Final Design Updates Munich Airport

Short Final Design Munich Update (2)

X-Plane 11 users who own Short Final Design’s Munich Airport (EDDM) can update their product to version 1.1. The new update is freely available to all current customers and can be downloaded from The new update adds SAM Season compatibility, improved runway textures and also the new construction sites at terminal 1.

This extensive update also brings with it new custom centerline lights and also custom inset blue edge lights further enhancing the airport. In addition, the update also updates the GroundTraffic plugin for X-Plane 11.50, updated the layout for apron 5 and 13, along with improving the mesh resolution and jetway texturing. Finally, several of the airport vehicles are updated now with new PBR models making them even more realistic than before.

As mentioned, the airport can be picked up from the store for free and users will need to re-download the product. If you don’t already own Munich Airport (EDDM) for X-Plane 11, you can buy it for $26.95 from

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Sim-Wings / Aerosoft Munich Released for MSFS

Eddm Msfs 02
Those looking to explore Germany will be able to now take off and land at the latest airport from Sim-Wings and Aerosoft. Munich Airport (EDDM) is a major hub for Lufthansa, Eurowings and TUI with routes to airports across the world. In normal times, the airport sees over 48 million passengers pass through its doors annually. With two long runways,
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Sim-Wings Pro Munich Updated V1.0.1

Eddm 04
Scenery developer Sim-Wings mentioned on their Facebook page an update for Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport (EDDM). The new version 1.0.1 for P3D V4.5+ entails numerous updates to the airport per user inputs (Pireps) found below. In the list of changes, the developer has optimized the airport grounds due to lighting issues for daytime and night time. Additionally, the runway
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Short Final Design EDDM Munich Airport Released

Eddm Munich Airport X Plane 11 (5)
Short Final Design has included a range of accurate models, buildings and aircraft throughout the scenery. Also included is HDR night lighting, high-resolution photo scenery, and ground textures throughout. Keeping in line with the realism, Short Final Design has included a range of animated airport vehicles, custom animated jetways as well as making sure it is WorldTraffic 3 and X-Life compatible.
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ShortFinal Design Munich (EDDM) Close to Release for X-Plane 11

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To follow the plethora of teasers we've been gazing at anticipating its release, over on their Facebook page, ShortFinal Design has released more previews of their upcoming Munich (EDDM) for X-Plane 11. In addition, they've included some previews teasing their next project. A high-quality rendition of Munich Intl. Airport is something that many X-Plane simmers have been longing. Being the dominant
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ShortFinal Design Munich Previews


ShortFinal Design have posted a hand full of new previews of their new Munich (EDDM) scenery for X-Plane 11 that show off a bit of the terminal, taxiway,  surrounding buildings and parking lots. Included in these previews is the SAM (Scenery Animation Manager) plugin which allows you to control jetways, which is very similar to SODE for FSX/P3D. With the previews posted in this article, you can see that the ShortFinal Design developers have put a lot of time and effort into recreating Germany’s second busiest airport. As stated above, this scenery will have animated jetways and hanger doors as curiosity of the SAM plugin. This will allow you to connect multiple jetways to an aircraft at once for optimal immersion.

SFD have not confirmed a release date, but the timeline shows a release in January 2019. Another statement that was released said “The good news is that there will be a Christmas gift from me this year in the form of a completely original freeware scenery.” This is quite a kind gesture from ShortFinal Design as they have clearly put quite a bit of time into this airport.

Follow ShortField Design on their Facebook page for more previews and updates on their Munich scenery for X-Plane 11.

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ShortFinal Designs – Further Munich (EDDM) Previews

Short Final Design Eddm (1)
A couple of weeks back, X-Plane developer ShortFinal design announced they were creating Munich (EDDM) for the platform. Since then, the team has previewed some new shots showcasing the dynamic rain effects the product will feature. When the product is released, it will come with full 3D interior modelling and animated people, PBR effects throughout on the material and high
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ShortFinal Design Announce Munich Airport (EDDM)

Munich XP Preview (7)
Over at the X-Plane Forum, ShortFinal Design has announced Munich Airport (EDDM) for X-Plane 11 along with a feature list and several eye-catching WIP previews that display the 3D terminal interiors and overall attention to detail. A high-quality rendition of Munich Airport is something that many X-Plane simmers have been longing. Being the major hub that it is, with over
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Taxi2Gate Münich Updated for P3D V4

Taxi2Gate Munich EDDM Official Video
An update for Taxi2Gate Münich is released for you. Upgrade price is 5 EUR if you already own the non V4 version. Scenery is available for purchase over at Simmarket's website. Münich airport is the international airport of Münich and situated in the capital of Bavaria. Currently it's the second busiest airport in Germany on passengers. Shortly behind Frankfurt am Main. As can
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Taxi2Gate Münich Update to P3D V4

154771 EDDM9
Taxi2Gate the famous scenery developers have announced that they will be updating their very popular rendition of Münich (EDDM) to P3D V4.  The update will include features such as the satellite terminal. After Munich, they will be updating some other previous sceneries for compatibility with P3D V4. For more check out Taxi2Gate's Facebook page.
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