Aeroplane Heaven / FeelThere Embraer Project On Final

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It’s been a few weeks since we previewed the latest work of the Embraer aircraft package by developers Aeroplane Heaven and FeelThere. In an announcement on the Aeroplane Heaven Facebook page accompanied by some gorgeous screenshots, the developers have made it clear that we can expect a release of this package very soon.

What we know for sure is that beta testing is now coming to a close and the inevitable bug fixes are being worked on and are almost complete.

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New Previews of Aeroplane Heaven / FeelThere Embraer Project

Aeroplane Heaven Feelthere Embraer P3d (2)
Aeroplane Heaven and FeelThere announced their intentions of bringing a range of Embraer aircraft to Prepar3D back in March and have been slowly teasing various previews of the aircraft since. Today, Aeroplane Heaven sent us a few new previews for the community to enjoy. The previews sent are specifically from the interior modelling from within the cabin. You can see
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Aeroplane Heaven Publish More Previews of the E170/175

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Earlier this week, Aeroplane Heaven and Feelthere announced that they are in partnership to develop the Embraer E170/175 and E190/195 for P3Dv4. Over on their Facebook page, Aeroplane Heaven has posted 4 new preview photos detailing the external model with different winglet options. Addressing comments, Aeroplane Heaven state that they plan to model the E170 with traditional winglets and the E175
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FeelThere Announce Embraer Project in Collaboration with Aeroplane Heaven

Feelthere Embraer P3dv4 (2)
FeelThere has announced that they are working on a brand new Embraer project in collaboration with the team at Aeroplane Heaven. The product has been designed with Prepar3D V4.4 in mind and will take advantage of the features the Prepar3D platform holds, including PBR rendering. The team are aiming to create high-quality aircraft from the Embraer range, including the E170,
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