X-Crafts Previews New Embraer Cockpit Modelling and Texuring

X-Crafts has shared a new video that highlights the new cockpit modelling and texture work for the upcoming E-Jets Family. The all-new aircraft will build upon the learnings from past products from the development team and be the best versions of the aircraft made for the platform.

The new video trailer shared by the team is a preview of what’s to come. The two-minute trailer pans various parts of the cockpit highlighting various displays, panels, and other lesser-visited areas. The idea behind the video is to show how much has changed since the last version of the E-Jets was developed.

In addition to the preview video, the team also released a side-by-side comparison of the old and the new. Using the slider on the image, you can see the distinct difference between the two. You can interact with the comparison slider on the X-Crafts page. 


Just a screenshot – the slider here doesn’t work. You will need to visit the X-Craft page to interact with it.

The brand-new aircraft product will feature all varients of the E-Jets, meaning simmers can expect the E170, the E175, the E190, the E195 and the Lineage 1000. Described as the “next chapter” by X-Crafts, the new aircraft will feature highly detailed interior and exterior modelling, enhanced systems and an authentic FMS. Continuing their work with real-world pilots, those with hands-on experience with the aircraft type will continue to provide expert knowledge and input to help create these aircraft.

Current customers will get some form of discount when the new series of aircraft releases in the future.

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Supercritical Simulations Group Updates E-Jets and B 747-8 Anniversary Edition

SSG B748 V223
Aircraft developer Supercritical Simulations Group has updated their E-Jets and B 747-8 Anniversary Edition aircraft on X-Plane 11. The updates for both of the aircraft were released over the past few days and can be downloaded and applied to your aircraft now. Starting with the E-Jets, and perhaps the most significant of the two updates, the changelog indicates various improvements
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Feelthere Embraer E-Jets Update Released Publicly

Aeroplane Heaven Embraer Feelthere P3dv4 (8)
SP1 for the Feelthere Embraer E-Jets has been released publically. The long-awaited SP1 has been in development since the release of the E-Jets from Feelthere when it first came out last year. The new service pack is somewhat extensive and features many new fixes, additions and reworkings based on customer feedback. Some of the highlights from the new service pack include
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Feelthere E-Jets V3 Small Hotfix

Embraer Alaska 12
Before going on a well deserved holiday vacation, Feelthere has pushed a small hotfix for their recently released Embraer V3. The list of change is small, however the team is aware of other known issues and has created a related topic on their forums. The hotfix can be installed by redownloading the product using the same link that customers have
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FeelThere Releases Embraer E-Jets v3

Embraer E175 5
After much anticipation, FeelThere has finally released version 3 of the E-Jets. The E-Jets series include the Embraer 170, 175, 190 and 195. The new Embraers have been developed in cooperation with Aeroplane Heaven, and were announced in the beginning of this year. The planes have been built from scratch, and feature new modelling, textures, flight dynamics and more. The
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Supercritical Simulations Group Update E-Jets Evolution

Chrome 2019 03 29 21 51 39
Developer Supercritical Simulations Group has today released an expansive update for their E-Jets Evolution Series on X-Plane. Version 1.3 brings a wide range of new features including the full compatibility with X-Plane 11.32 and above, new cockpit actuators as well as an improved spoiler and speed break logic. In addition to those new features, there is also new night lighting, a
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X-Crafts Previews ERJ Family Cockpit

539716258 Cockpit1.jpg.4b046bc4db78268ba765d363e2ea7ab9
In a post on their Facebook page, X-Crafts has released some new renders of their work-in-progress ERJ Family set of aircraft coming to X-Plane 11. The ERJ Family package will be the next step in development from their widely successful and popular E-Jet add-ons. This package will include all three jets: E135, E140 and E145 with the E145XR variant most
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