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Drzewiecki Design Releases Polish Airports Vol. 1 X V4.6

Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports V4 6 Update (1)

Scenery developer Drzewiecki Design has released Polish Airport Vol. 1 X V4.6 for FSX and P3D. The new update brings a wealth of changes to the product from Drzewiecki Design. The update has been sent to the multiple stores, but will be down to the store to upload it to the server. You should be notified by your store if you own the product once the update is made available.

Described on Facebook as a pretty big update, the new features include having native P3Dv4 ground poly, weather dependant lighting and dynamic lighting applied. Of course, those features relate specifically to the P3Dv4 version. Airport specific new features include a new DHL cargo building at Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport (EPGD), the new ATC tower at Katowice Airport as well as some new static aircraft. Furthermore, the new G and Z taxiways have been added to Rzeszów–Jasionka Airport (EPRZ) and Lublin Airport sees new terminal buildings with interior modelling. The full list of changes is down below.

Drzewiecki Design has released this update for free, but any future updates for their Polish Airports project will be “more expensive.” This is due to the significant updates and time invested in continuing development.

To celebrate the release, Drzewiecki Design has also reduced all products from their catalogue by 30%.

Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports Vol. 1 X V4.6 Change Log

  • All airports: Dynamic Lights, P3Dv4 native ground poly, weather-dependent lighting, enhanced SODE objects, fixed taxiway centerline lighting, updated apron markings
  • EPGD: New DHL Cargo building, enhanced car parkings, better GSX compatibility, new mesh around the airport
  • EPKT: New ATC tower, new cargo apron, new static aircraft
  • EPRZ: New G and Z taxiways, new Air Club building and the old one removed, new MGGP Aero building, new AirRes building, new taxiways and refurbished hangar in OKL, mesh fixes, GSX-compatible jetway
  • EPLB: New ground poly (FSX and P3Dv4 formats), new terminal with interior plus the East section, new train and rails, new HEMS base, new handling vehicles, new fences and SODE-controlled gate, new Swidnik buildings, new objects at the terminal parking and a new mesh.


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Drzewiecki Design Shares Behind the Scene Previews of Sheremetyevo UUEE V2

Drzewiecki Design Sheremetyevo UUEE V2 (3)
Scenery developer Drzewiecki Design has shared some brand new behind the scene previews for their upcoming Sheremetyevo UUEE V2. The airport, announced back in May, will build on the original 2014 release, but with new details and bring it to today's standards. Sheremetyevo UUEE V2 will be made with all new ground poly details, additional buildings and all new lighting and interior
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Drzewiecki Design Announces Tokyo as Next Major Project

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After their successful releases of Chicago and Seattle (cityscape and airport packages), popular developer Drzewiecki Design has announced via Facebook that Tokyo will be their next big project. We can expect Tokyo to be developed and published in a similar way to their Chicago and Seattle packages promising highly detailed cityscapes and airport scenery packages. We know that Tokyo will
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Drzewiecki Design Previews Moscow Sheremetyevo v2

Drzewiecki Design Previews Moscow Sheremetyevo V2 FSElite1
Just a few weeks after announcing Moscow Sheremetyevo (UUEE) v2, Drzewiecki Design has previewed their new project even further on their Facebook page. In addition, Drzewiecki elaborated that besides the terminals, they are developing around 100 additional buildings around the airport in order to provide the best visuals on approach to the airport. That was all that we got for
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Drzewiecki Design Updates Chicago City X to Version 1.1

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Scenery developer Drzewiecki Design has updated their Chicago City X for Prepar3D and FSX. Downloading the update is simple, as you just have to log into your account at the store where you've purchased the product. The update is published as a complete installer, and you need not remove the previous version in order to install the update. Full Changelog
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Drzewiecki Design Announces UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X/XP v2

UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo Drzewiecki Design (2)

Drzewiecki Design has today announced that they are working on UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X/XP v2. Building on from the initial 2014 release, the new product will be made with all new ground poly details, additional buildings and all new lighting and interior modelling design. The airport will take full advantage of the new 64-bit technologies, but will be made available for 32-bit simulators also.

The previews shared are of that of Terminal E. The details are from the roof of an area of that terminal. Drzewiecki Design will no doubt be sure to make the airport in as much detail as possible for users when it releases. No estimated time frame was given.

In related Drzewiecki Design news, they recently released Chicago Airports X for Prepar3D and FSX. You can buy it from simMarket for €38.00.

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Drzewiecki Design Releases Chicago Airports X

215186 CHI AD 125
In a post on their Facebook page, Drzewiecki Design has announced that they've released their much-awaited Chicago Airports X scenery for FSX and Prepar3D. Chicago Airports X features three airports; KORD, KMDW and KPWK said to be providing a level of immersion to the in-sim Chicago area at a level never seen before. All of the aforementioned airports have been
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Drzewiecki Design Shares New Chicago Airports X Previews

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Following on from the release of their Chicago City X scenery package last week, Drzewiecki Design has shared some brand new previews of the accompanying Chicago Airports X. The new scenery package will contain a variety of airports from within the vicinity including the massive hub airport Chicago o'Hare International (KORD). The new previews are just a small glimpse at
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Drzewiecki Design Releases Chicago City X

Drzewiecki Design Chicago City X P3d (2)
Drzewiecki Design teased a few previews of Chicago City X just a few days ago. Today, they have released the product via simMarket and various other vendors. The scenery package has been built to include a huge range of landmarks of the city along with finer details such as restaurants, hotels, swimming pools and more. The entire city of Chicago
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