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New Drzewiecki Design Chicago City X + KMDW Previews

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After last hearing about Drzewiecki Design’s Chicago project back in November of last year, over on their Facebook page, DD is back with new previews of Chicago City X with KMDW (Chicago Midway) heading into 2019.

The project appears to be going so far so good as Drzewiecki Design is working on mapping buildings, adding details and fine-tuning the product in-sim. This is the first time DD has previewed one of the two airports to be included in Chicago City X, Chicago Midway Airport (KMDW). We’re yet to see Chicago O’Hare in-sim, however, you can view the renders here.

The rest of the previews display a plethora of textured buildings to resemble their real-world-counterparts in Chicago. Let us know your thoughts on these previews in the comments below.

We don’t have much more information on this project but we’ll endeavour to keep you up-to-date as it arises.

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Drzewiecki Design Updating Krakow v2

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In anticipation of their upcoming Chicago scenery, Drzewiecki Design has teased some upcoming updates to their Krakow (EPKK) 2.0 scenery for P3D v4. Promoting the version 2.1 EPKK updates as a ‘testbed’ for new techniques that will be transferred into their Chicago scenery, the developer said that version 2.1 will feature advanced weather reflections during rain, reflective materials on the
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Drzewiecki Design Releases EPKK Kraków X V2

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In a recent Facebook Post, Drzewiecki Designs announced the release of version 2 of their EPKK Kraków scenery. Along with the screenshots came a feature list detailing the extensive changes the update brings. Changelist SODE-Controlled lighting Added new taxiway S Runway 25 final approach terrain details Completed interior of military hangar Updated 2019 layout and ground markings New terminal buildings
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Drzewiecki Design Previews Chicago City

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Drzewiecki Design recently put up on their Facebook page three screenshots of their upcoming Chicago scenery. The only caption with the post was “Chicago (City) progress". Based on the detail seen in the shots, we can only speculate that the product is near completion. Included in some shots are iconic buildings in Chicago such as the Trump International Hotel, the
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Drzewiecki Design Krakow Updated To V1.4

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A rather small update to an older scenery, Drzewiecki Design's EPKK Krakow has been updated to v1.4. Changes include removed demolished buildings, inserted new constructed buildings, upgraded apron light lighting, and more. While this may not be the biggest update, Drzewiecki did acknowledge that while some areas, like ground markings, weren't updated, v1.4 is an important step towards any potential
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Drzewiecki Design Seattle X-Plane Previews

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Over on Facebook, developer Drzewiecki Design has posted some more previews of their upcoming Seattle Airport and Seattle City XP addon. According to the post, the addon is in the final stages of production, and will probably be released this month.

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New Previews of Drzewiecki Design Chicago

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Drzewiecki Design has shown off some exciting new previews of their upcoming Chicago scenery over on their Facebook page. These shots show off a variety of aspects of the scenery including the excellent 3D modelling of the city as well as a ground design of Chicago Midway (KMDW). The shots show off the incredible modelling that Drzewiecki Design can do;
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FlyDesign Temporarily Stopping Distribution Krakow-Balice

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Developer FlyDesign, known for developing Polish airport sceneries for X-Plane and FSX/Prepar3D, is temporarily stopping distribution of one of their sceneries. The developer came in a bit of an uproar after Drzewiecki Design, another well known developer of Polish sceneries, noticed that some of the textures in one of FlyDesigns products (EPKK Krakow-Balice airport) seemed to be copied straight from
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Drzewiecki Design Previews Chicago City / Airports Renders

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Drzewiecki Design recently showed early renders of various objects from their upcoming Chicago City and Chicago Airports sceneries, in a post on their facebook page. The screenshots given show a variety of textured buildings around the city and some untextured models for the airport. Drzewiecki Design hasn't announced a price or release date, yet, but we will keep you updated with
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Drzewiecki Design Previews Polish Airports Vol.1 V2 for X-Plane

Drzewiecki Design recently announced on their Facebook page that Version 2 of the highly acclaimed Polish Airports Vol.1 scenery will soon be available for X-Plane. The post included screenshots, showcasing the high quality of this scenery package, accompanied by a caption informing us of the upgrades. All Airport: Default AI, ATC and ground handling compatibility. Updated custom navaids. Gdańsk Lech
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