FlightFactor Previews Further 787 Renders


X-Plane aircraft developer, FlightFactor, has taken to twitter to further preview their upcoming 787 project with some in-sim cockpit screenshots.

The renders show a near complete, textured cockpit but without any lights, systems or working displays however, they do show PBR texturing and the quality finish that is to be expected from the aircraft developer. 

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Magknight 787 FMS/EFB Development Update

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Developer Magknight has updated the community, over on the X-Plane forum, with progress to the 787’s FMS and EFB. Magknight has shared some previews of how their new coding incorporates performance and weight/balance calculations through the use of the EFB. Large changes to the EFB are being made, including new aircraft config system, allowing you to manage all the important
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Magknight Previews Dreamliner Update

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Magknight, the developer of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner for X-Plane, has presented its monthly update over on the X-Plane Forum. The post gives an update of the implemented changes in the new cockpit they're currently working on, which has provoked quite the reaction from dissatisfied users. For clarification, Magknight reminds their users their main focus is on the modelling, rather than the
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Magknight Previews New Cockpit and RR Trent 1000 Engines

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Aircraft developer Magknight has released some previews of their next update to the 787-9 over on the X-Plane forum, including a completely overhauled cockpit and new Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engines. The 787-9 is the mid-sized variant of the 787 from Boeing, but by far, the most popular with over 700 orders for the type. The Dreamliner is considered the
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Magknight B787-9 Aviator Edition Released

B7879 100
The Magknight B787-9 project has been in active development for some time, and despite the initial low-cost price point, the aircraft add-on has divided the X-Plane community on just whether this plane is something that should be in everybody's hangar, and this seemed to be due to texturing and avionics related gripes. These may have now been resolved, however, with
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