Dreamfoil Creations

DreamFoil Creations Previews 500D For X-Plane

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Developer DreamFoil Creations recently posted some pictures of their upcoming MD 500D on their Facebook page.

While details are light, the upcoming rotary-wing aircraft includes some amazing particle effects for heat blur that will look really nice in X-Plane 11.30.

While the bird is still missing some details (much of the texturing is done for testing purposes), the developer says the aircraft will also include the ability to be customized with aftermarket mods and other equipment.

The comments below the post indicate that there is no ETA on a release date, but that it is “not going to happen this year”.

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DreamFoil Creations Announce Development of Embraer 120

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DreamFoil Creations are known for their extensive helicopter simulation development, with examples including the AS350+ and the B206 Ranger III. Today, the team announced they intend to expand outside of rotatory-based flying machines and will begin development of the Embraer 120. In a Facebook post earlier today, the team announced the project along with some renders of the current-state modelling.
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Dreamfoil Creations EMB-110 Bandeirante v3 Released

Dreamfoil Creations has released version 3 of their Embraer 110 Bandeirante, which most notably brings X-Plane 11 compatibility to the Brazilian regional prop. The complete overhaul of the aircraft brings many new features, along with VR compatibility, new PBR textures inside and out, and an improved flight model for X-Plane 11. Additionally, the 3D model has been reworked, along with the
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