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Vertx Flight Simulation Announces Diamond DA62 For P3D v4

Vertx DA62 16

Vertx Flight Simulation has today announced the impending release of their inaugural product for the Prepar3D v4 platform, the Diamond DA62. The developer, whose name you will likely not recognise, is actually the new project from Sean Moloney. Sean is best known for his work as one half of RealAir, who are well known as having produced some of the best GA aircraft on the FSX/P3D platform.

In the press release sent to FSElite earlier today, Vertx has portrayed the DA62 product as a high-quality simulation with unmatched clarity and animation smoothness in the G1000 PFD, something that some developers seem to struggle in being able to perfect. Also built into the G1000 is a flight planner, allowing creation, saving and loading of flight plans within the aircraft, but also enabling the import of the built-in P3D flight planner’s files.
The G1000 has been designed with precision to realistically represent the operation of the real world avionics, including VNAV, LPV approaches and glideslope, pitch hold, enroute turn anticipation, course-wheel-steering, accurate direct-to operation and OBS mode are all simulated.

Immersion has been a big focus of the aircraft too, with 4K textures throughout, realistic night lighting and dimmable panel back-lighting included. Inside the virtual cockpit, the custom-coded sound engine is claimed to bring a huge improvement to what P3D can do on its own, with immersion stereo panning and separation, sound effects to emulate prop angle-of-attack, and pitch/frequency adjustment based on engine RPM (which is a change from the usual method of tying the pitch changes to manifold pressure in P3D). The sounds will have something for every aspect, including all switches and levers, annunciators, doors, and much more.

The aircraft is currently being tested with a closed beta team, of which has been reporting great frame rates and performance with the aircraft. All going well, Sean hopes to release the aircraft in the “next few weeks”.

Until then, enjoy the fantastic images that have been provided to us. We’ll keep you, our readers, posted on any release date that may be set.

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