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Development Update

DC Designs Shares Large MSFS Development Update

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Aircraft developer DC Designs has shared a large development update in regards to their future plans for the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform.

The update came via a post to the DC Designs Facebook page, which covers a wide variety of topics related to the developer’s future plans and projects. Some of the topics discussed in the post are the 2021 aircraft release schedule which includes a previously unannounced Spearman Biplane, the recently released F-15 Eagles for MSFS and a quick approaching update for that project, and the conversion of DC Designs’ FA-18 Hornets from FSX/P3D to MSFS. The post also includes some preview images of the upcoming Spearman biplane and F-15 update.

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Aerosoft Postpones CRJ Release for MSFS

Aerosoft CRJ MSFS Teaser
Aerosoft Mathijs Kok has issued a brief statement on the Aerosoft forums, explaining that the team had to postpone the release of their flagship CRJ 550-700 for Microsoft Flight Simulator for the "first quarter of next year". Granted, since this is still 2020 for a few hours, we can still expect the aircraft in 2021. No specifics where shared on
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PMDG Christmas Development Update

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PMDG has shared on their forums a Christmas 2020 development update that will wrap it up for 2020. Several points were raised by Robert S. Randazzo, the PMDG CEO. Aircraft Micro Updates The PMDG 747 QOTS II as well as the 747-8 expansion have received a micro update on December 18th, where a few structural changes were made in order
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HST Simulations Provides Development Update Regarding xAmbience Pro for XPL

Taking to their webpage, HST Simulations, known within the X-Plane community for their Ultimate Water Enhancement and Real View add ons, has provided interested followers with a development update regarding their anticipated xAmbience Pro product. The team begins by indicating that the product has finally entered Beta testing. Although bugs are continuously found and fixed, the group expects the product to, most
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Asobo Previews VR in New MSFS Development Update

Asobo has released its December 17th, 2020 Development Update, which among other things, has provided us with a lot more information regarding the implementation of VR in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It's been less than a month since Asobo officially announced VR support for MSFS via a Q&A live stream, and with the December 22nd release date quickly approaching, we now have
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Laminar Research Updates X-Plane to V11.51b

X-Plane Vulkan Metal

after many iterations in Beta, in September of this year, Laminar Research – creators of X-Plane – released a crucial update, Version 11.50 which included support for Vulkan and Metal API engines.

Since September, Laminar Research has worked closely with the X-Plane community to identify some of the persistent issues that users may be experiencing since they updated to V11.50. In a blog post by one of  X-Plane’s lead developer, Ben Supnik describes the latest changes to version 11.51 which will initially be released in Beta form and will address a multitude of bugs that users have reported including crashes when changing between liveries, opening the map, generating aircraft icons as well as providing a much more stable platform for users in general. 

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Blog Update November 12th 2020

Microsoft and Asobo have just shared their weekly development update throughout their Development blog. The development part itself is relatively short, with the confirmation that the round 2 of invitations for the VR Closed Beta will be posted soon. This time, non-Windows Mixed Reality (VMR) products owners will be called for contribution. Development Roadmap and Feedback Snapshot As usual, the
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Blog Update November 5th 2020

It is again time for the weekly development update of Asobo Studios and Microsoft regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator. This update is relatively small as Asobo Studios are mainly focused on ensuring their workers are safe due to the new rapidly evolving COVID situation and new lockdown in place in France. As such, most Asobo employees are now working from their
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Rotate MD-11 Development Update

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X-Plane developer Rotate has shared on the X-Plane forums a couple of screenshots of the aircraft cockpit. One was taken during cruise where we can see some navigation ongoing, and the other was taken on the ground, with numerous failures message displays. The developer commented that it was still largely a work in progress and users might easily spot some
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CGN Dev 737 Classic Development Update

6 1024×576
CGN Dev has shared on their website a development update regarding their Boeing 737 "Classic" for Prepar3D. In this update, the developers show us the rebuilt exterior nose section of the 3D model, which was redone. The fuselage was cleaned of previous issues and the cockpit window frame is now complete. The last step will be the addition of doors,
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