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Microsoft Flight Simulator February 13th Update – Development Roadmap and More

Microsoft Flight Simulator Feb 13 Update (2)

As promised, the new update from Microsoft regarding the new Flight Simulator has dropped today. Whilst it didn’t bring a huge amount of news, it did provide a few updates regarding the release of future Feature Discovery Series videos.

Episode 6 (Airports) will release next week on February 20th, and will provide an in-depth look at the airport the team are building for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Following on from that, Episode 7 will focus all on IFR flying and will release on March 5th 2020.

New Alpha invitations are also being sent out to those that signed up. They will be sent from today onwards until next Tuesday (Feb 18th). If you’re a developer awaiting an SDK, then the team has said that they are slowly rolling that out to people over the coming weeks. So far 30 development partners have access to the SDK and that the feedback from them has been fantastic so far.

On the Insider section, Microsoft also shared the current Development Roadmap, along with a new feedback snapshot from the current alpha testing. One of the more exciting insights we have is that come late March, we will see a focus video looking at multiplayer. Microsoft also are aware of the feedback including when will we see 3rd party information, along with continuing to acknowledge VR and damage modelling.

Finally, the post ended with a range of previews all taken by Alpha testers.

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