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X-Plane Developer Livestream Happening 09-Feb-2019


With the release of X-Plane 11.30 now firmly in the hands of simmers across the world (along with the recently released 11.31 version), attention will start to turn on what the future holds for Laminar Research and X-Plane.

Announced on Facebook, Laminar Research will take to YouTube to host their next Developer Livestream to discuss the roadmap and what the community can expect. Austin, Ben and more will be taking to YouTube on Saturday February 9th 2019 at 11am ET to talk everything X-Plane and probably answer a bunch of X-Plane related questions also.

You can keep up to date via the Facebook event page, or subscribe to their YouTube page to stay notified when they go live.

What are you hoping is announced during the stream?


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DCTRY Update – Your Feedback Matters

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During the weekend, we had released DCTRY - Your Airport Add-on Hub & Directory. It has been a very successful release with positive and constructive feedback received throughout the community that was much appreciated by the team, keep it coming. We're happy to announce that we've surpassed our first milestone of 1,000 registered members which has absolutely blown away our
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Prepar3D V4 – What We Know From Developers – Part 2

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Bumped to the front page again. Updated on June 3rd 2017. With the announcement of Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D V4, we are committed to ensuring you're kept up to date with what flight sim developers are going to do with the new simulator. P3D V4 brings a huge change in core coding and as a result, many developers will need to
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Prepar3D V4, What We Know from Developers

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A number of developers are now coming out with their plans for P3D V4. Please note that this post will be a continually updated post as and when more developer news is provided. You can read PART TWO HERE TFDi Design  The team over at TFDi design announced on their forum that their 717 will not be available with P3D
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