PMDG Announces Imminent Transition to New E-Commerce Solution

PMDG 748 Parkedup

PMDG has provided their community with an update in regards to their transition to the planned new e-commerce solution, and the changes are coming very soon.

On July 31st, at approximately 0500 Zulu, PMDG will bring down their existing e-commerce solution for about five days in order to migrate all of their customer, order, and processing data to the new e-commerce system.

While they state that the process of planning the store migration has been exceptionally complex, requiring the hire of a data migration specialist to facilitate the large-scale move, the process is now ready to kick-off.

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X-Plane World Editor 2.0r1 Beta Released

X Plane 11 2
World Editor (also known as WED) has received a major update. World Editor is a 2D open source tool that allows anyone to edit the thousands of airports already in X-Plane, as well as creating their own airports. The fact that is is open source means that anyone can do a whole load of things such as building object libraries
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