Interview with Microsoft and Asobo Studios

The new Microsoft Flight Simulator is only a few weeks away and we are able to really start talking more about the simulator as we approach the release date. The FSElite team recently had a virtual interview with Microsoft and Asobo Studios to discuss the new Flight Simulator and look at some of the challenges faced during the current global pandemic, how Microsoft is making the simulator much more accessible and much more.

Jorg Neumann (Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator), Martial Bossard (Lead Software Engineer) and David Dedeine (CCO and Co-Founder at Asobo Studio) take us through some of their own personal journeys with the simulator and some inspiration ways in which others are using the simulator for more than aviation.

Also during the video, you can watch all-new footage of the simulator in action.

If video isn’t your thing, please hit up this link to download the MP3 version straight to your device.

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Confirmed List of all Third-Party Developers Working on Microsoft Flight Simulator [Updated 30th July]

MICROSOFT Flight Sim Third=party Confirmed V2
Third-party developers are finally coming out and telling us their plans to support Microsoft Flight Simulator. All kinds of developers are now confirming their plans and it appears as though Microsoft are now allowing them to freely tell the community what their plans are. Stick around to find out what content we can be expecting from the third-party community. If
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SimMarket Installer Developer Policy Update

Review Featured Image 2
Several developers have taken to Facebook to express their unhappiness with some recent changes regarding the SimMarket installer policy. The unhappiness seems particularly aimed at a recent change to the SimMarket policy regarding future updates and simulator support, and was understood by some that future updates for SimMarket products will no longer remain free of charge. We have asked SimMarket
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PMDG Announces Imminent Transition to New E-Commerce Solution

PMDG 748 Parkedup
PMDG has provided their community with an update in regards to their transition to the planned new e-commerce solution, and the changes are coming very soon. On July 31st, at approximately 0500 Zulu, PMDG will bring down their existing e-commerce solution for about five days in order to migrate all of their customer, order, and processing data to the new
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X-Plane World Editor 2.0r1 Beta Released

X Plane 11 2

World Editor (also known as WED) has received a major update.

World Editor is a 2D open source tool that allows anyone to edit the thousands of airports already in X-Plane, as well as creating their own airports. The fact that is is open source means that anyone can do a whole load of things such as building object libraries or using existing ones and implementing them within their own scenery.

You can find all the latest releases for WED here, with WED Version 2.0r1 being under ‘Latest Beta Version’.

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