Sunskyjet Status Update on Detroit Metro Airport

Detroit Metro Sunskyjet

Developers Sunskyjet has released a brief statement, along with previews, for their Detroit Metro Airport (DTW). The new statement on Facebook suggested that those in the beta program will have received an email with a new download link for the airport.

In the latest build, the developer has said that there has been many fixes and improvements on the original, but there are some things that may have been broken along the way. The developer is obviously then going to go through those reports and fix the last remaining issues. Along with the news, a few new previews were shared for your viewing pleasure.

Once those fixes are in place, and the airport is more readily available, the plan is to then port the Detroit Metro Airport to both FSX and X-Plane.

If you would like to get yourself a copy, you can head over to their donations page and donate an amount. Once received, the team will start issuing the download to you.

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SunSkyJet Detroit Previews!

The highly regarded freeware scenery developer SunSkyJet released some previews to their Facebook page of the upcoming the Detroit KDTW/DTW scenery. Along with the previews they stated the following: 'Progress continues. Night texturing started and ground objects being added. Jetways on the B/C concourses still need some attention.' The previews for DTW look absolutely incredible. It is clear that the
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