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Heatblur Simulations F-14 Tomcat Early Access Released

Ext 07 2048×2048

Heatblur Simulations has released their highly anticipated F-14 Tomcat for DCS World. This release brings a highly accurate rendition of this very popular fighter jet into the flight simulation world.

The feature list of this product is extensive and full of various exciting features. This product comes with both the F-14A and B modelled with the B model currently released and the A to follow soon. The exterior model of this product is superb and has been created using laser scanning and photogrammetry of real, museum F-14s. To go alongside the excellent exterior model is a highly accurate cockpit which also was created using photogrammetry of real F-14s. Along with these features, this product also includes a number of other excellent features which include a highly accurate flight model along with the modelling of various different weapon systems. The full feature list can be found below.

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DCS World Community A-4E Mod Released

Made by a small group of community members over a period of nearly three years, the A-4E mod is now released for DCS World. The A-4E is an iconic aircraft that grew very famous over particularly the Falklands War. The announcement of the mod finally being made publicly available was made over on the Eagle Dynamics forums, with developer 'Merker'
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