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DC Designs Teases Concorde in MSFS


We have known that DC Designs has been busy created a variety of fast aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, but perhaps the biggest of those fast planes is the iconic Concorde. The team at DC Designs has today shared a teaser of it running in Microsoft Flight Simulator as a “properly adapted gLTF model.”

In particular, the team said that the PBR now looks “much better” than it has before, and the preview image isn’t yet optimised. DC Designs did say that there’s still plenty of work to be done but now seemed like a good time to share a brief snippet for where the aircraft is heading. Whilst this screenshot was taken at sub-sonic speeds, the team has been learning ways to make sure that the aircraft can fly as smooth and as fast as it did in real life. Bringing Concorde to Microsoft Flight Simulator will be a major re-build of the aircraft released on Prepar3D and thus work will start once the Tomcats are released.

Alongside the Concorde teaser, DC Designs shared a quick status report on the F-15 update. Whilst they have finished the update, one “tiny, but hugely frustrating bug” keeps causing the nose wheel animation to be incorrect. The team is looking at various solutions to fix the problem, and as such, the update will be released next week. Alongside that, the F-14 Tomcats will go back into development at pace and soon both be uploaded to the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace for people to buy directly in the simulator.


You can learn a bit more about the DC Designs F-15 Eagle Variants for Microsoft Flight Simulator in our first look video. Otherwise, you can view a few more previews and details on the update on the DC Designs’ Facebook page.

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DC Designs Updates F-15 Eagle on MSFS

Dc Designs F15 C D E I Eagle Microsoft Flight Simulator 5 Ss L 210120173255
An extensive update for the DC Designs F-15 Eagle has been released via Just Flight. The new update comes with a range of fixes and additions. The changelog is quite extensive with a huge number of changes both for the fixes and the new additions to the plane since the original release. Some of the more prominent fixes include the
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DC Designs Previews F-14A Tomcat for MSFS

Developer DC Designs has shared a large Facebook update regarding how things have progressed for the aircraft developer. The latest post goes into a lot more detail about some of the upcoming aircraft, but in particular for the F-14A Tomcat. The F-14A Tomcat was originally announced for Microsoft Flight Simulator back in the summer, but with some changes to the
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DC Designs Shares Large MSFS Development Update

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Aircraft developer DC Designs has shared a large development update in regards to their future plans for the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform. The update came via a post to the DC Designs Facebook page, which covers a wide variety of topics related to the developer's future plans and projects. Some of the topics discussed in the post are the 2021 aircraft release
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DC Designs Releases F-15 Eagles for MSFS

Dc Designs F15 Eagles Msfs (4)
As expected by the previous announcement, DC Designs has released its awaited F-15 Eagles series for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The fully-native aircraft by DC Designs includes four detailed aircraft based on the F-15, including the F-15C, D, E and I 'Ra'am' Eagles. All of the models have been built with the latest technology and built to withstand any future product
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DC Designs Confirms F-15 Eagles for MSFS Release Date and Price

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Following on from its extensive roadmap post late last year, DC Designs has confirmed the release date and price for their awaited F-15 Eagles package for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It is confirmed that DC Designs will release the F-15 package through Just Flight by January 21st 2021. As with the FSX and Prepar3D version, the product will be priced at
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DC Designs 2021 Development Roadmap

Dc Designs Future Developments (4)
A lengthy Facebook post shared by DC Designs has highlighted the future aircraft we can expect from the development team over the coming year. The new year will be a year of growth for the development team and will see a lot of products ported from the FSX/P3D catalogue to Microsoft Flight Simulator. With the advent of Microsoft Flight Simulator,
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DC Designs Concorde Released for FSX/P3D

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After months of teasing, DC Designs has released Concorde for FSX and Prepar3D. The supersonic passenger jet is an aviation icon and has been released to giver simmers a chance to fly the fast jet in flight simulator. The aircraft is mostly known for its record-breaking speeds across the Atlantic Ocean carrying passengers in style from London to New York.
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Further DC Designs Concorde Previews for P3D

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DC Designs has taken to Facebook to showcase further previews for its upcoming release of Concorde on Prepar3D and FSX. The Facebook post left by the development team reported that development of the aircraft is now complete and is awaiting on Just Flight releasing the product at some point. The previews are a mix of Prepar3D v4.5 and FSX. It
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