DC Design

DC Design Give Brief Update on Farnborough

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We introduced you to DC Design a few weeks ago. This new developer’s first project is the UK airport Farnborough. Since then, the team has kept people informed with development.

This week, the team has worked on ensuring it colour matches as closely as possible with Orbx EU England, with all roads and buildings blending in nicely. Once this is done, DC Design will work on seasonal textures and ensuring that textures replace the satellite imagery as best as possible.

As the airport has a huge number of buildings in the surrounding area, DC Design has decided to make sure that a fairly large area is covered by the product. Whilst it may add additional work, the team are confident that it will enhance the product and make it much more immersive for the community.

A single screenshot of the area was shown off, but a few weeks prior, an additional preview of the control tower was shared. We’ve included both below.

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DC Design Announce Farnborough (EGLF) Airport

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A brand new developer, known as DC Design, has announced their first commercial airport on their Facebook page. That airport will be Farnborough airport (EGLF). Although new to the scene, the team have been quietly getting on with work. It was stated that the airport right now has ground polys placed. and that the autogen exclusions and ground images are being
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