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UPDATE: PMDG DC-6 Now Out at $69.99 for FSX and P3D


It’s now out and available via PMDG’s store for $69.99. That’s for both FSX and P3D versions.

We will update this post once it’s confirmed released.

The past few weeks has seen PMDG work extensively on delivering P3Dv4 compatible versions of their extensive Boeing line-up of aircraft. The 747, 777 and the 737 (except the 600/700 add-on package) now sit firmly in your new sim. Also during that time, they have been teasing the release of their DC-6 aircraft.

Over the past 5 years of development, it’s seen a release on X-Plane and has since been converted for FSX, FSX: SE, P3Dv3 and P3Dv4. The team have been previewing the classic aircraft over on their forums and Facebook, but today, Robert confirmed that the DC-6 is planned to be released today.

Along with the news, he gave a very detailed insight into what you can expect from the new aircraft once it arrives in your sim. Furthermore, there are plenty of images to feast your eyes upon.

We will update this post with an official price and feature list when available.

First Images of PMDG DC-6 In Prepar3D V4

The PMDG 737 isn’t the only PMDG aircraft yet to be released for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D version 4, as their DC-6 has yet to see light of day either. Released for X-Plane over a year ago, the four engine-d aircraft will change the way you fly. You will be without many of the comforts that allows you to fly the 747 or the 777 so effortlessly, as the DC-6 relies on a very different type of piloting.

Whilst we prosper over what’s possible in this upcoming aircraft, beta tester lasnubes shared some impressive images of the PMDG DC-6 in P3D V4.

lasnubes really wants to draw your attention to the detail in the lighting and weather effects in these shots. The detail in the shots look incredible, and this is thanks to the power of P3DV4.

Check out the Avsim forums if he adds any more. Don’t forget, the DC-6 is also planned to be released for FSX, FSX:SE, P3D v3 all on the same day. As of today, it’s still looking like a first-half of July. Not long now!

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PMDG DC-6 Cold and Dark to Engine Start Up Beta Video

As we all know, PMDG are working hard to bring their DC-6 beta to a close for the aircraft in FSX and P3D. After the success of the X-Plane version, fans are eager to get their hands on the plane.

In this new video from beta tester Chris Makris, it shows the cold and dark stage up until engine start.

As always the videos are insightful and provide a good glimpse into the next PMDG product.

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First PMDG DC-6 FSX/P3D Beta Video Appears

We have known for a little while that PMDG’s DC-6 has been in beta testing for FSX/P3D. After the release of the experimental product on X-Plane, fans have been eager to get their hands on their preferred sim version.

One of the beta testers has uploaded the first video for the DC-6 on YouTube and talks us through some of the features we can expect.

The 30 minute tour shows us the external view as well as an in depth look at the virtual cockpit and some of the in-sim menus.

We’ll continue to keep an eye out for further information and get back to you in due course.

PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster enters Beta for FSX & P3D

Over on the AVSIM forums Robert Randazzo from PMDG did an interesting announcement. In a detailed and extensive posts he announced that PMDG have moved the DC-6 Cloudmaster over to Beta phase. According to his post they’re not finished yet but they are getting close and most of the issues right now come down to fine-tuning. He also mentions there will be additional functionality over its XPlane counterpart, and the team is hard at work to bring some of the best features of the 747 into the DC-6 as well. To wrap it up he talks about the Virtual Flight Engineer that will eventually join your cockpit and the ability to take great care of your aircraft through an aircraft maintenance tool.

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New PMDG Information – NGX V3, DC-6 FSX/P3D Versions – Collected from Flight Angels Charity Stream

No little birdies. No random guessing. No logical though process. This information came straight from Robert S. Randazzo’s mouth.

I’ve put the update in bold, along with a link to the time on the YouTube video.

PMDG 737NGX V3.0 –

Speaking about bringing NGX, 777 and 747 to X-Plane, RSR briefly mentioned that they will are looking at creating version 3 of the NGX, bringing over technology from the 777/747.

“We are starting to evaluate our existing NGX product and the possibility to update to include technologies from the 777/747 and push it down a pipeline to make an NGX version 3.0 for FSX/P3D.”


PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster – FSX/P3D Status Update –

Robert has said that beta testing will start “imminently” for the FSX/P3D version of the fantastic DC-6 Cloudmaster (which is already available for X-Plane). Not only that, but RSR also guessed that we could be using the airplane in 45-60 days time. Obviously dependent on how the beta testers get on, but great to hear an update!


Update: That’s all the information we could find. If you see any more let us know.

PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster Now Available for X-Plane Mac

That’s right, moments ago, PMDG released the Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster for X-Plane on Mac. Costing the same as the Windows version, at just $69.99, you can grab it NOW from the PMDG store. Along with the Mac version came some updates, so Windows version owners, get downloading too.

And for those waiting on the FSX/P3D version:

Conversion to FSX/FSX-SE and Prepar3D is taking place and we will have more information on that process for you a bit later in the summer.

PMDG Update DC-6 Cloudmaster

PMDG have today released a new update for their recently released DC-6 for Xplane.

PMDG have taken on post-release feedback from the community, the experts and have added some extra functionality to make your experience even better than before. You can download version 1.10.0044 from their eCommerce system, after logging into your account.

You can simply install over the old version, or you can uninstall, and then install the new version – the choice is yours.

In the mean time, check out the change log below.

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