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VATSIM Cross the Pond Westbound 2021 Lottery System Now Open


If you’re looking to join in and fly in this year’s Cross the Pond Westbound event, then you can now select from a variety of city pairs and times using the VATSIM lottery system. Taking place on Saturday, 24th April 2021, the event will see 850 pilots across the Atlantic ocean from parts of Europe to North America.

This year, departure airports include Manchester (EGCC), Amsterdam (EHAM), Brussels (EBBR), and Lisbon (LPPT). Pilots will then be heading west towards arrival airports such as Boston (KBOS), San Francisco (KSFO), Denver (KDEN) and Miami (KMIA). The full list of airports is listed down below.

To be able to fly an event route, complete with full ATC coverage, pilots will need to enter the slot lottery. You will be able to pick from three city pairs and two time periods which suit you best. The lottery will then close on April 13th and then the slots are allocated randomly based on your selection on the reservation page. If you are successful, you will be notified of the exact slot you have received. Those slots which remain unallocated will then be up for grabs on April 15th at 20:00z.

It’s worth noting that this time, the lottery will give a “slight bias” towards those pilots who applied for a slot last year but didn’t get one. This still doesn’t guarantee a slot for those who didn’t fly last year but supposedly gives those people a better chance of a slot allocation. That said, those who did pick up a slot and did not fly will have a negative weighting which will affect their probability of getting a slot.

In addition to the vast number of pilots, there will also be 200 controllers online ready to take you through the event. These volunteers combined with the event planning team are all vital in making this event a success and work hard to ensure this event is as fun as possible.

On the new Cross the Pond website, there is a section devoted to answering frequently asked questions. For example, if a virtual pilot wishes to fly out of a departure airport on a non-event track, they can do so but will experience delays. You can read the full FAQ here to familiarise yourself with some of the key information before the event.

As always, you can check out of previous pilot’s guide here* to help give you an understanding of the event before you fly on Saturday 24th April 2021.

*Note this is for the Eastbound 2020 event and we’ll update it before this year’s event.

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VATSIM Announces CTP – Westbound 2021 Participating Airports

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With virtual voting booths having closed only recently, VATSIM, taking to their official Facebook page, has released the results and shared the list of Cross The Pond Westbound 2021 participating airfields. With the event scheduled to occur on the 24th of April, 2021, interested participants can rejoice with the number of airfields participating in this year's westbound edition of the event. With
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Cross The Pond Eastbound 2020: Rien Ne Va Plus!

"Vancouver Approach, ACA27MD heavy, mayday mayday mayday! We have lost one engine, request emergency landing!" "ACA27MD heavy, Vancouver Approach, copied your mayday, expect ILS runway 08L, I’ll have vectors for you in a minute." "Roger that, Approach, we’ve lost our second engine, we’re losing control of the aircraft!" "Copy, ACA27MD, if have some time, can I get your souls on
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VATSIM Cross The Pond Slot Booking Changes


VATSIM has published an important information note regarding the upcoming Cross The Pond 2020 – Eastbound event which will take place on November 14th.

Slot Allocation

The slot allocation was previously done using a booking system on a “first come, first served” basis. In the previous events, the slots would be gone in a matter of minutes, letting on the side of the road anybody who was not able to connect to the site at that time. In addition, the slot bookings sites where sometimes not accessible, making it even more difficult to grab a slot. It has also been considered unfair that depending on the time when the slot booking happened, some people living in certain time zones where advantaged.

In consequence, VATSIM has decided this year to introduce a lottery system for slot allocation. Upon slot booking opening, which will happen on October 28th at 2000Z, people will be given the choice between three most prefered city pairs as well as two most prefered departure times. The booking closure will happen on November 4th, which will give pilots plenty of times to poll in their options. The system will then randomize the selections and allocate slots accordingly. This means that not everyone will be served. Some routes pairing will probably have much more picks than others, leaving less chances to get them. Importantly, VATSIM added that people who polled in their preferences but who still have not be selected in the lottery will have priority bookings for the next events. No further details have been added in regards to the exact process.

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VATSIM Cross The Pond Eastbound 2020 Airports List

CTP2020 V2
VATSIM has revealed the final list of airports which will be featured in the VATSIM Cross The Pond Eastbound 2020 event. The event kicks-off on November 14th at 1100Z. A semiannual event, Cross the Pond sees pilots from all over the world make the trek over the Atlantic Ocean. One event generally happening in Spring sees pilots flying from Europe
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VATSIM Cross The Pond 2020 Westbound Bookings Open

Ctp 2020 West
. VATSIM has opened today the booking system for the slots of their upcoming popular Cross The Pond event. The first edition of the CTP event for 2020 will take place on April 4th and will start at 1100z. This Westbound 2020 event will take place at the following airports. Departures: EDDK, EGCC, EHAM, EIDW, LIRF, LOWW Arrivals: CYYZ, KBOS,
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