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Brand New Aerosoft CRJ Previews In MSFS

Aerosoft Crj Msfs Feb 21 (6)

Over on Facebook, a series of new images for the upcoming Aerosoft CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been shared. The brand new previews highlight a series of new liveries and parts of the external modelling. Furthermore, there are some eye-candy shots of the aircraft in action from the pilot’s perspective.

On the official Aerosoft forums, there was also some new tidbits of information regarding release timelines for the 900/1000 expansion pack. When answering the question about when customers could expect the CRJ 900/1000 expansion packs, Mathijs said that the current plans are tentative but possibly available “between 6-12 weeks” after the initial release of the CRJ package for the new simulator. In addition, it was confirmed that once you start seeing streamers and content creators showing off the CRJ through their channels, customers can expect a release about a week after that. There’s still no exact clarity on when the Aerosoft CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator will release.

We have now seen numerous previews of the aircraft in action for the new simulator. We’ve seen various previews and you can even read a draft of the first volume of the manual. We’ll keep you informed of any new information.

You can also read more about the fact that FS2Crew is developing a CRJ package for the aircraft in the new simulator.


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FS2Crew Announces RAAS Professional, FlyByWire A320NX and Aerosoft CRJ Products for MSFS

Fs2crew For Msfs
FS2Crew will be busy for some time as they have announced a slew of new products for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The information shared with FSElite confirms that the FlyByWire A320NX mod and Aerosoft's CRJ will get FS2Crew products and a new version of RAAS is also coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Both the Aerosoft CRJ and the FlyByWire A32NX packs
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Aerosoft CRJ for MSFS Volume 1 Manual Ready to Preview

1301874349 MicrosoftFlightSimulatorScreenshot2020 12 12 08 44 26 73.png.50cad1471c549f0b259a7e21ee155288
As we approach the release of the Aerosoft CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the first of five manuals has been released for public preview. The manual itself, as mentioned, is the first volume out of five being made for the product when it does release. This first volume covers some general information on the aircraft type, including basic facts, cockpit
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Even More Previews of Aerosoft CRJ for MSFS

Aerosoft Crj For Msfs (6)
The Aerosoft CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to be previewed on the Aerosoft forums. Once again, Mathijs Kok has shared a few new previews of the plane in action focusing on "the amazing work Stefan is doing on the modeling." The forum post contained various images of the aircraft, along with some commentary on what this means for the
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Aerosoft Confirms Pricing for CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Grafik.png.e04ffc1085c792d5ee7eced8ebb4f962 1600×655
Following on from the recent previews of the Aerosoft CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Mathijs Kok has confirmed the pricing for the aircraft add-on product when it does eventually release. It has been confirmed that the product will be split into two different packages. The first package will be the CRJ 550/700 had will cost €42.00 (plus any local VAT). Those
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Aerosoft Posts New Previews of Upcoming CRJ Series for MSFS


In a recent Aerosoft forum discussion, Aerosoft lead developers, Mathijs Kok and Hans Hartmann have shared new development details and some new previews of the company’s upcoming Aerosoft Mitsubishi CRJ Series family for MSFS.

The discussion begins with a screenshot of the CRJ’s in-built EFB, provided by Hans Hartmann, and shows the “Options” page of the Electronic Flight Bag. Keen observers can, however, quickly spot that the EFB will come with numerous pages, including those dedicated to Checklists, Performance Calculations, and Maintenance. Additionally, a tab entitled “Aircraft” can also be observed, most likely referring to actions related to the aircraft’s exterior that can be triggered, such as toggling the GPU or setting the chocks. Hans also provided a cockpit shot of the same EFB page as observed from within the P3Dv5.1 version of the plane, essentially providing readers with a side-by-side comparison of how the EFB’s looks will differ in MSFS.

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New Previews and Details of Aerosoft CRJ in MSFS

Aerosoft Crj Msfs (6)
Aerosoft has been very vocal since the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator that they are keen to deliver the CRJ  in the best way possible to the community. Project Manager Mathijs Kok has been very keen to show off the new technology provided by the simulator, including indicating that Aerosoft and Asobo have been working closely together on the SDK.
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FS2Crew Releases Aerosoft CRJ (Voice and Button Control)

Owners of the Aerosoft CRJ Professional will now be able to buy FS2Crew's latest product to add a virtual co-pilot to support your on your flights. FS2Crew's Aerosoft CRJ Voice and Button Control pack will take your "CRJ flights to the next level" for those looking to have a multi-crew experience. As with other FS2Crew products, the voice and button
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Aerosoft NextSim Event Reveals More About Future MSFS Projects

Over the weekend, Aerosoft held their own private event called NextSim, which focused on a range of products coming from the software development company. Part of the live stream saw Mathijs Kok join to discuss the current pipeline of projects coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The stream primarily focused on the upcoming CRJ from Aerosoft, but there was also some discussion
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Aerosoft Teases New CRJ for MSFS Preview

111 Hans Crj.jpg.1e1ab57703a793e022b35b404ea961c7
Aerosoft was one of the first companies to announce they were developing for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Since then, we have seen a handful of previews from the team for a range of their products including the Aerosoft CRJ. A new shot was shown off today from the team with regards to the exterior modelling. The preview, shown by
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