Aerosoft NextSim Event Reveals More About Future MSFS Projects


Over the weekend, Aerosoft held their own private event called NextSim, which focused on a range of products coming from the software development company. Part of the live stream saw Mathijs Kok join to discuss the current pipeline of projects coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The stream primarily focused on the upcoming CRJ from Aerosoft, but there was also some discussion about future projects currently in development.

Mathijs said that the CRJ is the “first complex aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator from a third party” and reassured the community that this is a completely new build of the aircraft. It’s also worth noting that it is confirmed that the aircraft package will include the 700, 900 and 1000 models .The modelling we see in the video is totally new and not a port from the Prepar3D version. Since the Summer of 2019, Aerosoft has worked closely with Microsoft and Asobo Studios to support the aircraft development and also the SDK. In fact, Mathijs commented saying that both Microsoft and Asobo have been “incredible” and that they are normally just a phone call away when they have an issue.

When it comes to release dates for the CRJ, Mathijs was rather coy about revealing too much, but did comment saying that the “CRJ must be this year”, but did reiterate that this was the hope more than a promise to the community.

As for the future, it was reconfirmed that the Twin Otter is next to be released for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with the Airbus series (A319 / A320 / A321 and the A330) also in development. However, the Twin Otter is further along than the Airbus series. During the extensive interview, it is also confirmed that the aircraft production team has increased in size so that Aerosoft can produce two aircraft in parallel. In total, Mathijs views these aircraft development projects to be at least 2.5 years worth of work so don’t hold your breath for these aircraft any time soon.

You can watch the full interview in the video above. In related news, Aerosoft did release Paderborn Airport free of charge for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Aerosoft Teases New CRJ for MSFS Preview

111 Hans Crj.jpg.1e1ab57703a793e022b35b404ea961c7
Aerosoft was one of the first companies to announce they were developing for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Since then, we have seen a handful of previews from the team for a range of their products including the Aerosoft CRJ. A new shot was shown off today from the team with regards to the exterior modelling. The preview, shown by
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Aerosoft Discusses MSFS Development, Showcases CRJ

CRJ EDLP 1.png.96c7d22195c07fc22a7ffe4bf3e06aa4
Aerosoft is known to be a close partner to Microsoft for the release of the new Flight Simulator. With Aerosoft providing the physical release of the simulator across Europe, it's no question that Aerosoft is keen to work with the new simulator when it releases on August 18th. What does remain to be seen is the additional content Aerosoft will
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Aerosoft Updates CRJ Professional for P3D V5

CRJPro 002.PNG.85cff8ddbf170d23a5dbd00f3782c404
Aerosoft released an update for the CRJ Professional Series to version (Service Pack 1). The update brings with it many necessary features such as new models, new modeling, updated systems, optional vertical navigation, all-new graphics using PBR, and an Electronic Flight Bag with support for charts, checklists, and calculations. Service Pack 1 is the initial release for P3D V5.
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[Update: New Statement] SSG Halts Development of CRJ 700 Project

SSG CRJ 700 1
Update 21-May-2020 @ 08:15z: An update was shared to the same Facebook group as below offering some more information surrounding the suspension of development. This time, Andrzej Borysewicz posted on behalf of Ricardo Bolognini who issued the new statement. Whilst no questions were really answered, the updated information seems to suggest that X-Plane changes are the primary cause of the
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Aerosoft CRJ Professional Now Available for Prepar3D

CRJPro 002.PNG.85cff8ddbf170d23a5dbd00f3782c404
Aerosoft has released its latest aircraft - this time the CRJ Professional for Prepar3D V4.5. The Bombardier CRJ, in real life, can seat a various number of passengers when primarily used for short inter-city hops, which don't require huge airports or payloads to be profitable for airlines. Carriers include Lufthansa, Delta, SAS and many more. As we mentioned before, this is
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Aerosoft Announces CRJ-700/900/1000 Professional for P3D

CRJPro 002.PNG.85cff8ddbf170d23a5dbd00f3782c404
Developer Aerosoft has announced over on their forum that they are working on a redesigned CRJ family including the 1000 variant for P3D V4.5. In the forum post, Hans Hartmann, the lead developer of the CRJ, promises a revamped CRJ-700/900 as well as an additional 1000 series for P3D. There is little remanence from the original CRJ with this release
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