First Previews of the Aerosoft CRJ 900/1000 for MSFS

Msfs Crj 9001000 Aerosoft (1)

Aerosoft released the CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator earlier last month and since then released an update to fix numerous community reported issues. Now, and as initially promised, the team are now gearing up to release the 900/1000 expansion pack.

Posted on the Aerosoft forums, Mathijs Kok shared the first images of the larger version of the aircraft type. The new previews highlighted the all-new fuselage, wings and belly that is associated with the bigger varients of the regional jet.



In addition to the new previews, he also confirmed that the next liveries coming to the plane will be for SAS, Air Nostrum, Air France Hop! and SkyWest (35th anniversary).

Whilst nothing more was shared at the time, we do know that once the 900/1000 models are made available, it will cost €16.75 (plus any local VAT). It is made clear that if you want to fly the CRJ 900/1000, you will need the ‘base’ CRJ 550/700 package installed. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to read out the review on the Aerosoft CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Aerosoft CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator Updated to v1.0.0.1

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Following on from the release of the Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 for Microsoft Flight Simulator earlier this month, Aerosoft has released its first major update for the product. Looking at the extensive changelog down below for version of the CRJ 550/700, there are plenty of fixes throughout the aircraft. Some notable fixes include COM frequency swapping, flickering screens in specific
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Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 for Microsoft Flight Simulator Available

CRJ Announcement Trailer
Aerosoft has released their CRJ 550/700 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The long-awaited airliner is the first complex third-party airliner released for the brand new simulator and comes packed with features that extend beyond anything included by default. The aircraft comes with a comprehensive suite of modelling features that take advantage of the all-new technology found in the new simulator. The
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Win A Free Copy of the Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Today, Aerosoft will be releasing the first airliner aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been on the horizon for many months and promises to be the first complex airliner aircraft for the simulator. Since the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator back in August 2020, simmers have been awaiting an airliner that adds features
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Aerosoft updates CRJ Professional to version

Update Crj Prof

Aerosoft has released “Service Pack 2” for their CRJ Professional, which brings it to version for P3D.

The CRJ Professional package includes fully functional, high detailed renderings of the CRJ-550\700\900\1000. The CRJ is one of the world’s most popular regional jets, operating short and medium-haul flights for airlines all around the world.

Aerosoft’s “Service Pack 2” for their popular CRJ Pro product is an overhaul of the aircraft containing a vast number of fixes and new features. Many bugs related to the instrument displays, aircraft systems, and flight management system have been addressed and fixed, including ice detection\testing, issues with entering the flight number in FPLN page on the FMC, the data for the extra fuel calculation on the MFD, errors that showed invalid coordinates on POS INT page 3 if the IRS was unaligned, alignment of the IRS system itself, parking brake issues, issues with the nose gear light, the text size on the EFB Options page 3, TCAS going off immediately after departure, new fuel temperature rates, the color of flight plan discontinuities changed from green to white, pre-departure flaps settings causing auto trim, the blinking speed of the master warning\caution lights, VNAV issues experienced when changing flightplans, and a CTD caused by the flight plan drawing function.

In addition, new features include a “RWY UPDATE” function and a “LEGS ALTN” page in the FMS, some new cockpit chimes, new animations of the ADG propeller, airborne stall tests, and the addition of visual alternate flight plan waypoints to flight displays.

These changes will improve all 4 versions of the CRJ provided in Aerosoft’s CRJ Pro software. The update requires that all users to first download a new installer from their Aerosoft Shop account.

Aerosoft’s CRJ Pro for P3D may be purchased from Aerosoft’s Online Store for direct download for $79.99USD.

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Aerosoft CRJ for MSFS Release Date Confirmed for March 16th

Aerosoft Crj Msfs Feb 21 6
At long last, it has been confirmed that the upcoming Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 for Microsoft Flight Simulator will release on March 16th 2021. Mathijs Kok took to the forums just moments ago to announce that the "first complex and highly detailed aircraft" for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be made available through the Aerosoft Shop and the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace at the
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Aerosoft CRJ for MSFS Video Tutorial Series

Come Fly With Me The Safety Checks
A brand new video series is being put together by YouTuber Flyer0245 which focuses on the upcoming Aerosoft CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new video is an extensive first look at the aircraft during the first few safety checks from a cold and dark aircraft state. Flyer0245 takes us on a deep dive into some of the systems and how
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Brand New Aerosoft CRJ Previews In MSFS

Aerosoft Crj Msfs Feb 21 (6)
Over on Facebook, a series of new images for the upcoming Aerosoft CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been shared. The brand new previews highlight a series of new liveries and parts of the external modelling. Furthermore, there are some eye-candy shots of the aircraft in action from the pilot's perspective. On the official Aerosoft forums, there was also some
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FS2Crew Announces RAAS Professional, FlyByWire A320NX and Aerosoft CRJ Products for MSFS

Fs2crew For Msfs
FS2Crew will be busy for some time as they have announced a slew of new products for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The information shared with FSElite confirms that the FlyByWire A320NX mod and Aerosoft's CRJ will get FS2Crew products and a new version of RAAS is also coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Both the Aerosoft CRJ and the FlyByWire A32NX packs
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