MT Design Announces Coventry Airport for MSFS

A new developer on the scene, called MT Design has announced they are working on Coventry Airport (EGBE) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The newly established developer has told FSElite they have been working on the airport add-on for the past few months and are ready to start showcasing various previews of the airport. In fact, the team has shared a 40-minute video highlighting every part of the airport.

Coventry Airport is located south of the city of the same name and currently sees various general aviation traffic and also maintenance services to various aircraft. The airport also features a single 6,600ft runway capable of taking aircraft up to the size of a 737/320, although no regular passenger services operate through the airport.

MT Design told us that the airport is looking to be released in the “next few months” and so we’ll keep our eyes peeled and let you know should there be any further previews or release information.

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