Coruna Airport

More Previews of TDM Scenery Design Coruna Airport for MSFS

Tdm Scenery Design Coruna Airport Msfs (1)

Following on from their last post, it would appear that TDM Scenery Design’s Coruna Airport (LECO) for Microsoft Flight Simulator is nearing release. On Facebook, the team said that they are “approaching the release day” for the airport. Before release, the team wanted to share a handful of new previews for the airport.

The new previews highlight the main terminal areas and how detailed the ground markings are. The news that the airport is close to release suggests that the initial roadblock the development team hit with the SDK has now been resolved.

Not much in the way of new information was shared about the features included, but we can see that the airport will feature PBR,  static models and custom 3D models of the airport and surrounding scenery. We’ll continue to monitor development from the team and inform you once the airport has been released.

You can see even more previews in our last post from TDM Scenery Design.

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TDM Scenery Design Provides Update on Coruna Airport for MSFS

Developer TDM Scenery Design has posted various new previews and updates regarding their upcoming Coruna Airport (LECO) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. According to a post on Facebook, all of the buildings within the airport area are now completed. The development team are now in the process of adding smaller details such as nearby restaurants, points of interest (such as Hercules
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