7x7Pilot Mega Airport Dublin Community Patch

Igqbawknjo Orig

Community developer 7x7Pilot, creator of some popular liveries and GSX configs, has released his first airport patch. His patch is an update to Aerosoft’s Mega Airport Dublin (EIDW). This scenery was previously only available for FS2004, FSX and Prepar3D v2.

The patch adds compatibility for Prepar3D v4.4, adds custom SODE jetways and has updated some airport parking positions. For the patch you need to own both Aerosoft’s Mega Airport Dublin as well as Eiresim’s Dublin. There is a lot of manual work involved to get the patch working, but there is an elaborate manual included with the patch to help you.

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DCS World Community A-4E Mod Released

Made by a small group of community members over a period of nearly three years, the A-4E mod is now released for DCS World. The A-4E is an iconic aircraft that grew very famous over particularly the Falklands War. The announcement of the mod finally being made publicly available was made over on the Eagle Dynamics forums, with developer 'Merker'
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[Screenshot Contest] Celebrating 6K Likes

Fselite 6k Community Livery
Earlier this month we reached a massive milestone in achieving 6K organic Facebook likes. It's a huge step for us and shows our determination and growth. It's all thanks to the huge support and dedication the community has given us. We released our fantastic 6K livery for the PMDG 747, but soon community members quickly wanted to join in and
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THANK YOU – To Our Whole Community

FSElite Thank You

A quick one from me, as everything that needs to be said is in the video! Still, thank you for everyone’s continued support over the past year. We’ve hit some really big milestones lately and we’re excited for our future.

Just a few key things from the video in case you aren’t able to watch:

  • New website coming soon – focuses on speed, readability and consistency (as well as some cool new features)
  • Our partnership with SimMarket in a bit more detail
  • More YouTube content
  • New writers and quality assurance people
  • Competitions / Giveaways
  •  ..and some other updates as well!

Again, THANK YOU to everyone for making FSElite the fastest growing flight simulation media outlet in recent times. We really are just in our infancy, so if you have any feedback, please always feel free to contact us.

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FSElite has a Discord community!

Are you looking to find a fun, knowledgeable group to hang out with while you sim? Look no further than our new FSElite Discord server! We've setup a Discord server for you to come and chat with your friends, or make some new friends, while you fly. This is a great chance to meet some of the FSElite writers and
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