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FSElite Community Choice Awards 2018 – The Results

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As they say: better late than never! That is certainly the case with the FSElite Community Choice Awards and the results.

Back in January, we asked you, the community, to vote on a series of different categories to determine the best of the best. It’s my pleasure to finally present the results from that extensive poll.

Over 2,000 votes were cast throughout a range of categories including Best AircraftBest Scenery Developer and Most Looked Forward to in 2019. The results are finally in and they paint a picture of the choice the community made when casting their votes. Without any further delay, here are the winners and runner-ups of the FSElite Community Choice Awards 2018.

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FSElite Community Choice Awards: The Results

2017 Fselite Community Awards
The results are in! Over 1,100 people participated in selecting the winners. Whether it was for best aircraft, best support from a developer or simply being the best YouTuber – each award given to those who won should be recognised as a real influence on the industry. Congratulations to all of our winners, and those that made the final cut.
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