AOA T-X Cockpit Previews

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AOA Simulations has been providing us with a steady stream of previews of their upcoming Boeing/Saab T-X. This time, AOA wants to share some more of the cockpit with us, which is shaping up nicely with high quality modelling and textures. Though the textures aren’t finished yet, according to the post, the first PBR textures have been applied and are visible in the screenshot. We also get to see the cockpit lighting for the first time, during night time.

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New X-Crafts ERJ Family Cockpit Previews

X Crafts ERJ (7)
Over on the X-Plane forum, X-Crafts has posted further eye-catching work-in-progress previews of their upcoming ERJ Family cockpit in-sim. These shots demonstrate how far the cockpit has advanced since the previous set of cockpit previews. Notice the intricacy of small dust particles on the displays, fingerprints on buttons and levers which all add to the detail which make this add-on resemble
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FSElite Exclusive: SSG CRJ-700 WIP Cockpit Previews

These exclusive previews are the first of many which you'll be seeing of the SSG CRJ-700's cockpit in-detail. A lot of attention has been paid to making this cockpit strongly resemble a regularly used Bombardier CRJ-700 with decals, wear, tear and more. The CRJ will include a custom EFB to manage aircraft load, control doors and more. The price will be similar to that of their E-Jets Evolution Series and a mid-2019 release is speculated
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MilViz Previews ATR72-600 Cockpit Animations

Milviz Post Textured ATR Cockpit Render FSElite
Following their single cockpit render preview, over on their Facebook page, MilViz has released a short video previewing all of the moving cockpit parts in their upcoming ATR72-600. In the short video straight from 3DS Max, MilViz is showing off the seven-hundred and twenty-five different animations within the cockpit of their in-development ATR72-600 for Prepar3D and X-Plane. Let us know what you
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X-Crafts ERJ Family Cockpit Previewed In-Sim

Back from the official announcement in August of this year, the X-Crafts ERJ Family has progressed massively since and is now seen in action with the latest set of previews. The ERJ Family package will be the next step in development from their widely successful and popular E-Jet add-ons. This package will include all three jets: E135, E140 and E145
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Just Flight Continue To Preview Duchess Model 76

DuchessNew (3)

Just a day after previewing the IFR-capable avionics options on the Duchess Model 76, Just Flight has released in-sim previews of the Duchess’ cockpit and exterior in action over on their Facebook page.

In these previews, we can see that a lot of attention has been paid to detail when it came to modeling and texturing inside and out of the aircraft. The cockpit features a lot of visible wear, tear and dirt depicting an aircraft that’s been frequently used throughout it’s lifespan.

The four-seater, twin-engine Duchess 76 will include many comprehensive features which will greatly appeal to the virtual general aviation pilot. We’ve included some of the most notable features in a list below, you can view the full list along with some extra previews on the product page here.

Furthermore, if you’ve not already noticed in the comments section of our previous post previewing the Duchess 76, Martyn from Just Flight had made an announcement that the Duchess 76 will be coming to X-Plane following the initial release for ESP platforms.

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SSG Shows More CRJ-700 Previews

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Developers from Supercritical Simulations Group (SSG) have posted some more eye-catching work-in-progress previews of the upcoming CRJ-700NG for X-Plane 11 in the dedicated Facebook group and forum thread. This time around, we're being treated to some shots previewing the exterior detailing on the fuselage, gear, doors and ram air turbine. The interior shots preview sections of the cockpit fully textured with
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Just Flight Previews 747 Classic Cockpit

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Just Flight has released some superb looking previews of their 747 Classic's fully textured and modeled cockpit. These renders are a big step up compared to last month's previews which showed a part-textured cockpit. The 747 Classic looks to be one of Just Flight's most extensive aircraft yet with an extremely comprehensive features list that appears to bring a lot
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Flight Velocity Cockpit Panels: The FSElite Review

Fv Featured Image
Many of us dream of having a flight simulation cockpit in our home. Seeing all the lights, physically flipping switches, and turning knobs adds a massive layer of realism to your flight sim experience. But bringing this to a reality can have its challenges. Often times one may not know where to begin when it comes to building the panels
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