IVAO Releases New Datalink Module for Aurora Client


Pushing on with their ambitious online infrastructure upgrade, IVAO public relations director Fares Belkihria has recently taken to the company’s web page, indicating the launch of V1.2.5B of the companies AURORA ATC client, introducing with this update a new data link module that brings both TELEX and CPDLC functionality to the company’s AURORA ATC client.

Fares begins his post by letting readers know that this most recent update is set to increase the level of immersion experienced by active users of the network via novel Datalink functionality that has now been added to IVAO’s AURORA ATC client.

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vPilot Update Brings MSFS Compatibility

vPilot, a utility used by virtual pilots to fly on the online network, VATSIM, has been updated to version 2.6, which is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator.  vPilot is used to enable a virtual pilot to communicate with virtual air traffic controllers and other aircraft, all over the world. Private beta testers have been putting the client to the test with
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IVAO Releases MSFS Compatible Client

IVAO has released its newest voice client, Altitude, which is also fully compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator. IVAO is one of the largest online flight simulator networks that allow virtual pilots and air traffic controllers to integrate worldwide. In order to log onto and interact with other people on the servers, virtual pilots require a third party client to bridge
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XSquawkbox Updates Vatsim Client to Version 2.0

XSquawkbox 2.0
Vatsim client developer XSquawkbox has updated their Vatsim client to version 2.0 for X-Plane. XSquawkbox is a plugin that is used to communicate between the simulator and the Vatsim network to allow you to fly online. XSquawkbox has been in development since 2011 and has been improved no end and has become one of the most recommended Vatsim Clients for
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IVAO Software Development Update

IVAO Software, which is another online network much like VATSIM, is overhauling their entire experience for both pilots and controllers with four main pillars. The ATC Client, the Pilot Client, the Network and the servers. Ever since the IVAO network was constructed, their FSD, IVAP, and IVAC were not owned by IVAO. That meant developers were unable to make major
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[Update: New Info] XPilot for X-Plane Announced

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Update 25-Aug-19 @ 15:55: We have reached to Simfest and they confirmed to us the new client for XPilot users will be made available to AFV Beta users later this week. You will need to be accepted but you can request a sign-up here.


Original Article:

Twitch streamer, Chewwy94 has shared the news that a client to connect X-Plane to VATSIM called XPilot has been announced. The news was announced just now is still developing, but we wanted to share the exciting news with the community. This is a developing story and we’ll continue updating as we hear any new information.

The new XPilot client has been in the works by a variety of people including those in the VATSIM development team. The project has been lead by Justin in the AFV team, which is run by Simfest members.

The client is still being developed and this is the first iteration. According to Chewwy94, when he spoke to a developer named Gary, “it’s pretty much finished,” so hopefully we hear more news soon.

If you are involved in the development of this software, please reach out so we can grab any details for the new XPilot client.

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VATSIM swift Client Available in Open Beta

Swift Client VATSIM
After six years of development, the swift client is now available to the public to use.  It is a brand new client supported by VATSIM, which is cross-compatible with all major flight simulator platforms including Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D and X-Plane. FlightGear has also been included in the mix of supported simulators. Further to the compatibility with the
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PilotEdge Announce New FSX/P3D Client, Sky High Charters

PE Logo
PilotEdge has announced a new FSX/P3D client for their network users in the very first on-stage announcement for FSExpo. The client, based on vPilot, will bring dynamic model matching to the user experience, along with ground clamping, simultaneous COM radios, yoke PTT support without the use of FSUIPC, and a web-based interface. Additionally, PilotEdge has also announced a new project 'Sky High
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