Orbx Previews Burbank Airport (KBUR) and CityScene for Prepar3D


Orbx has announced their next project for Prepar3D: Hollywood Burbank Airport (KBUR), along with a Burbank CityScene, Van Nuys and Whiteman airports (KVNY and KWHP) and several helipads.

The airport was first hinted in the 2019 Orbx roadmap and had not been heard of since then.

Burbank Airport is being developed by Matteo Veneziani, who has previously developed Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport (LIEO). The scenery will cover the entirety of the San Fernando Valley around the airport, totalling about 1400 km². The airport will be in complete PBR and will use Ultra HD textures. The ground textures will use 30cm imagery and the overall scenery will feature a 10m elevation grid mesh. Knowing the area is already hard on FPS, extra optimization steps have been taken to ensure adequate performance. According to Orbx, these techniques have previously been used in Innsbruck and Palm Springs airports. Major Points Of Interests, such as the various cinema studios, Griffith Hill Observatory, the Hollywood sign and many others will also be included in the scenery. In addition, Van Nuys and Whiteman will come in as “Lite” airports, but still feature key techniques. Burbank Airport and CityScene will be available for Prepar3D v4 and v5 and are made to integrate seamlessly with Orbx Global Base and NA Southern California.

Hollywood Burbank Airport (formerly known as Bob Hope Airport) is located in the northern part of Los Angeles, not far from many of the major film industry headquarters and shooting studios. The airport served just shy of 6 million passengers in 2019. The airport has two crossing runways (15/33 and 8/26), both of which are relatively short, measuring 6900 and 5800ft respectively. Due to noise concerns, special noise abatement procedures are in use, with aircraft taking-off runway 15 and landing runway 8. This particular layout and the overall very busy Los Angeles terminal area can make the cockpit quite busy when operating in and out of Burbank. Both Burbank and Van Nuys are some of the busiest business aviation airports in the USA by aircraft movements.

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Orbx Announces CityScene Charleston

Charleston 01
Orbx has surprisingly revealed that they are working on an all-new CityScene product. The next in the long-line of CityScene products will be Charleston. Situated in South Carolina, the city is known for its historic and cultural buildings, plantations and other points of interest. In 2016, it was voted "World's Best City". The product is a continuation of the technology
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Orbx CityScene Orlando: The FSElite Review

Orbx Orlando City Scene P3dv4 Fselite Feratured
Orlando: a childhood destination which I will never forget. From the large buildings, to the fantastic array of theme parks, Orlando really is an exciting place. Although built on old swamp land, the city was quickly built and expanded by dozens of miles. Now, the city is home to the likes of Disney theme parks, FlightSimExpo 2019 and of course,
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Orbx CityScene Orlando Updated to v1.10

Cityscene Orbx Orlando (8)
Over on their Forum, Orbx has announced that they've released an update to their popular Orlando CityScene add-on. This update brings along major load time savings and a couple of other performance improvements which you can find in the changelog at the end of this article. Unlike other updates delivered through FTX Central, you must UNINSTALL the original version - do not "Update product".
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Orbx Release CityScene Orlando

Cityscene Orbx Orlando (9)

A few weeks ago, we spoke about the multiple new projects that Orbx has been and will be working on in 2019. One of these products was Orbx CityScene Orlando, which has released just now. This CityScene brings to life one of the USA’s most popular tourist destinations which is home to the likes of Universal Studios and Disney World.

Released well in advance, Orlando will also be hosting this year’s FSExpo – North America’s largest and most popular flight simulation convention. The release of this product gives users the chance to have a look around the virtual world of Orland before FSExpo in June this year.

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Further Previews of Orbx Orlando CityScene

Cityscene Orbx Orlando (4)
Although previewed a few days ago by community manager Aimee, further images have been released by screenshot artist Iain Emms highlighting the detail CityScene Orlando will bring to the area. If you need a reminder of what CityScene Orlando will offer; it's a product which will bring accurately placed buildings, trees and other points of interest to the area. It will
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Orbx NZGS Gisborne Airport Released

13 33793cbfb686a5e3b77b592108352aa6 Fselite
When you think of stunning scenery, you probably don't think of New Zealand as a possible location, and if that's the case you'll want to pick up the brand new NZGS Gisborne Airport by Orbx to give yourself an excuse to take flight in the land of the long white cloud. The all-new scenery by Finni Hansen is the first Orbx airport
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Orbx Release New Patch For CityScene Barcelona

CityScene Barcelona 5 1024×576
Earlier today, Orbx announced on their forums, that their CityScene Barcelona was just given a patch, bringing it to version 1.10. The patch fixes bugs, adds buildings, and enhances the scenery for FPS improvements, and increased object detail. This patch is available on FTX Central for immediate update. If you don't own it already, you can get it now from
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Orbx Release CityScene Barcelona

After the announcement just a little over a week ago, Orbx has released CityScene Barcelona. This scenery features a realistic, high quality and detailed rendition of Barcelona and its surrounding area. Using a lot of custom and handmade objects, buildings and vegetation Orbx is trying to capture the look and feel of the city. CityScene is a relatively new technology
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